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Does anyone suffer from Gout?

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I have unfortunately inherited this from my Father.
Aside from Diet - any tried and trusted remedies?
It started about 2 years ago for me and is becoming increasingly frequent ie; every other month in my left ankle.
The pain is impossible to imagine and Allopurinal is proving to be ineffective.
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You have my sympathies. I've only had a few full-bore attacks in my toes; can't imagine it in an ankle. Diet, weight loss and hydration are all commonly-recommended factors in lessening the frequency and severity of attacks. Indocin and colchicine are usually prescribed for attacks but not ongoing use. I think in the past weak doses of colchicine may have been prescribed for regular use but now that a single company distributes it I'm not sure what's changed with it - that might be something to check out. What does your doctor say?
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Other than allupurinol on a regular basis ( maybe try a higher dose ) try to get your hands on Tart Cherry concentrate and have a teaspoon 1-2 times a day. Many years ago I bought 2 jugs online from a cherry farm in Michigan. It proved very helpful.

Check with your doctor first but another proven method is when you have the attack to take colchicine every 2 hrs until you get the runs...then stop. Also high does of prednisone can really help. Please check with your doctor first.

I won't repeat the diet prerequisites cause I am sure your well versed on that.
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causes could be hereditary.. but from what I have seen from my patients is mostly dietary. avoid spicy food, fried food, alcohol, etc. you need to monitor your diet very carefully because the symptoms aggravate significantly when you intake those type of food.

it could be looked at as dysfunction of Kidney's function to properly excrete uric acid.. have you had past history of kd stone or urinary stones in the past? if so, you need to drink a lot of water to expel excess accumulation iof water in your system.

as for the treatment, look into acupuncture and herbs. can regulate and in many cases, treat many cases of gout. I've personally worked with patients with gout or similar inflammatory disease and have given them proper acupuncture treatment as well as very effective herbal formulas to enhance the function of Kd's water regulation.

i need to take a proper look at individual patient for complete diagnosis but herbal formulas such as

ZHU LING TANG - fuling, zhuling, zexie, huashi, e jiao can be taken regularily for maintenance
DANG GUI NIAN TONG TANG - can improve with the repeated flare ups
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I do not have gout, but have read a few times about sugars increasing uric acid, leading to gout. Thought this might be of help.

"Goodbye, fructose"

A carefully-conducted study by a collaborative research group at University of California-Berkeley has finally closed the lid on the fuss over fructose vs. glucose and its purported adverse effects.

The study is published in its entirety here.

Compared to glucose, fructose induced:

1) Four-fold greater intra-abdominal fat accumulation–3% increased intra-abdominal fat with glucose; 14.4% with fructose. (Intraabdominal fat is the variety that blocks insulin responses and causes diabetes and inflammation.)

2) 13.9% increase in LDL cholesterol but double the increase for Apoprotein B (an index of the number of LDL particles, similar to NMR LDL particle number).

3) 44.9% increase in small LDL, compared to 13.3% with glucose.

4) While glucose (curiously) reduced the net postprandial (after-eating) triglyceride response (area under the curve, AUC), fructose increased postprandial triglycerides 99.2%.

The authors propose that fructose specifically increases liver VLDL production, the lipoprotein particle that yields abnormal after-eating particles, increased LDL, and provides building blocks to manufacture small LDL particles. The authors also persuasively propose that fructose metabolism, unlike glucose, is not inhibited (via feedback loop) by energy intake, i.e., it’s as if you are always starving.

Add to this the data that show that fructose increases uric acid (that causes gout and may act as a coronary risk factor), induces leptin resistance, causes metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes), and increases appetite, and it is clear that fructose is yet another common food additive that, along with wheat, is likely a big part of the reason Americans are fat and diabetic.
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I've read small doses of apple cider vinegar diluted in water can be beneficial.
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Gout, as you know, has a very strong hereditary component to it. If you read everything on the internet about how to get this disease under control you will become very frustrated and feel "painted into a corner" as far as dietary restrictions are concerned - no beer but also no whole grains or beans? No cheese? No coffee???

First of all, I don't know how long the OP has been on allopurinol, but it can take a long time (many months) to have the desired effect, and so it's important for the prescribing doctor to communicate these expectations. During that period of clearance of the uric acid through the kidneys with the use of allopurinol, you might need to stay on a low-dose therapy of one 0.6 mg of colchicine a day to keep the attacks at bay. For more acute attacks the use of a "medrol dosepak" is extremely helpful - it's a tapering regimen of methylprednisolone, a steroid pill, that can knock out an attack without the use of a cortisone injection. But this treatment can not be used frequently.

If the allopurinol fails after 6-8 months of usage, then there is a brand-name medication called Uloric which can be used instead.

As far as supplements are concerned, cherry juice is known to help, but there is also this stuff called "Acid Drainage" capsules by ph Ion that I've known several people to take and have had quite good results. You have to stay on it, just like you'd have to stay on allopurinol, but whatever works so your quality of life is as good as possible. What I mean by "quality of life" is that there are so many things you can sacrifice for the sake of gout eradication before you want to put a gun in your mouth.

Lastly, what I can add is that gout is by definition a high concentration of uric acid in your body, so to decrease that concentration is your ultimate goal - so drinking more water during the day is essential to your goal as well. And you might have to be aggressive in changes to your behavior at first, but then slowly add items back in after your condition is under control.
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Thanks for all of the advice Chaps.
I have tried the 'Chinese Herbal Route', which was effective - however very intense in terms of stomach upset.
Visiting the Doctor for a General Checkup and Bloodwork this week. I am on approximately one third the dosage my Father has been prescribed in Oz' of Allopurinol.
Obviously linked to diet and mine has radically changed over the last year - with me all but giving up Booze now.
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Apple cider vinegar very very good for this circulation very important as well as garlic and vitamin e that along with lowered high GI foods should prettty much reverse it in a few months also cut down on heavy protein if your going to consume it make you hydrate with low mineralised water islkar would be a good one for the kidneys
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I've had gout since 19 for the past 6 years so I've had my share of experimentation. Totally feel your pain on this one, trust me.

I worked with a doctor and also gout researcher and decided that the best way to live a normal life is to eat what I like to eat moderately and take the allopurinol.

Mind you, allopurinol is no excuse to go crazy with all the alcohol, meat, and seafood you want. You definitely need to control yourself to a relative extent. Other than that, you should really get control of your weight and try not to put any stress on your big toe joint (calve workouts and tight shoes).

I haven't had an incident since I started allopurinol.

I'm convinced there is a natural remedy to it and have vowed to figure it out one day but it will take a ton of research into each individuals body and find the issue that the root in which your kidney is affected (my theory).

I have a few alternative options that I would like to try one day:

-rbti (reams biological theory if ionization)
-different naturalpaths

p.s. I've tried the tart cherry juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, celery seed, etc...none has ever shown real world progress but everybody is different and everybody's case of gout is individual so different things might work for different people. Gout fucking sucks I wish you all luck with this one.

I've also heard drinking the juice/water of one coconut a day will keep you gout free, I didn't experiment with that.
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Holy shit, I have gout. About 2 years ago I had serious pain in my big toe that my doctor at the time diagnosed as turf toe. It made sense since I was doing a lot of squats with heavy weights. Now it's back and twice as bad and I'm realizing it must be gout and holy fuck it's the worst thing I've ever felt. I took a codiene and it didn't do anything at all. I can't sleep so I'm up reading about it.
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Just got back from the doc. Gout. He gave me a steroid shot and a nsaid. I just want to be able to sleep but waves of pain continue to wash over my body keeping me from it.
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Originally Posted by texas_jack View Post

Just got back from the doc. Gout. He gave me a steroid shot and a nsaid. I just want to be able to sleep but waves of pain continue to wash over my body keeping me from it.
Sorry to hear this. Hopefully some of the remedies mentioned in this thread will help provide relief.
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I have radically changed my diet and Drinking habits over the last few years.
My current Drug of choice is Uloric and it is certainly helping.
Low Purine diet, zero white wine and very rarely do I eat red meat anymore.
It is a small price to pay for the reduction in bouts of gout.
PM me if you would like more Diet Info.
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yes, but it came from a time when only rich people ate meats and wines and got fat. Now everyone does that and thus gout is more common.
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