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something like Converse All Stars made in USA?

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I make the decision every once in a while to get a pair of Chucks, but never go through. I think I had a pair way back when, but those are long gone. Now that I'm researching it, their not being made in America is bothersome--I'm having a hard time reconcilng buying a regular pair of Chuck Taylors for $40 that were made in Asia. Are there any known makers of similar shoes made in the US, or does Converse ever have Made in USA lines?
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Not made in USA, but these are probably the best you'll do:
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Very cool. Thank you.
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Are Seavees made here? They are simialr.
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Originally Posted by dougie View Post

Not made in USA, but these are probably the best you'll do:

"Fair trade", yet still made in 3rd world countries and most likely from the very same sweatshops. I love it
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Don't take offense you know what Fair Trade is?
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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post

Are Seavees made here? They are simialr.

Thanks for showing me to them. Wasn't aware. I can't figure out if they're made here, either. They talk a lot about California on the website, but I haven't seen anything that said "Made in USA", which is something that normally gets stressed in my experience. I did come across a listing on Google for a shoe made by union workers, but the page didn't work, go figure.
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According to some comments on a post at Inventory, they are not made in the US.



The poster asked the company and got the following response:

Andy thanks for your interest in SeaVees. The shoes are manufactured in one of the best factories in China. Please let me know if you have any further questions.




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Check out shoes like pottery on southwillard

Made in a kiln in Japan
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I feel like converse is missing out on a great opportunity to bring some manufacturing back to the US.  They've already got their Converse by John Varvatos line, why not have a higher-end made in america line?


Chucks are a wardrobe staple.  They're simple, classic, and go with just about anything in a casual setting.  I'd pay triple what they're currently going for for something made in the USA to better standards and with better materials.


Then again, maybe there's not much of a market for that.  I'd love to see it happen though.

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The Irony is - When i was in Thailand, there was Chucks regularly being distributed ' Made in USA '..

I would recommend buying Online - And ask if they were made in the USA before purchase - That is the best way plus you can get them pretty cheap compared to the RRP

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Autumn---I would certainly pay extra for some Chucks made in the USA. They would certainly last longer and it's a bonus that I could know I was helping to pay some workers a living wage.

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They have Chuck Taylor Addicts MIJ... problem solved - be prepared to pay > 10x the price of normal Chucks. Or just get a pair of W+H/Lanvin/one of the other many premium sneakers based off of Converse designs.
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Whoa. This is still around.

What's "MIJ" mean, cyc wid it?

As for John red leather ones are kind of disintegrating. The leather is fine, but the white rubber is falling apart on the right, near the heel. The left one seems to have a little gap going, too, that's kind of hard to describe. It doesn't seem to wear like the stuff standard Chucks have. It might be partly my fault, as I bought them in my Converse size, and they're rather tighter, partly because of the very thick insole. Maybe the insole has me walking on them harder. I think driving also has something to do with the right's tearing.
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^made in japan.

I second everything cyc wid it says. I wish I had bought some black CP shell toe lows when they were in my size. Sold out by the time sales came around frown.gif
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