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Footjoy Dress Shoes??

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I saw a pair of Footjoy dress shoes on Ebay and I was curious. I know nothing about their history of dress shoe making, but these were only fifty bucks and I thought they looked pretty nice, so I bought them on a whim. It's hard to find narrow dress shoes, so I don't have many options. Can anyone tell me anything about them? All I've seen on the forum is that they used to make shoes in the U.S.

This is the shoe. It's a burgundy wingtip. I can't tell what is written on the inside of the shoe. Did they have different lines?

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I have a pair of Footjoy wingtips in Chili that I still enjoy. Well made shoes, slightly under Allen Edmonds for quality.
In addition to dress shoes they also made loafers and were especially popular with their golf shoes. Unsure if they are still in business or not. I was under the impression they went under a few years ago but I could be wrong..For $50 you got a good deal, provided they have no mold issues. Your shoes are nicer than mine, congratulations.
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Foot-Joy quality was all over the place. They made some shoes equal to contemporary Alden in quality and some on the lower end. Usually the best are their exotics (croc, etc.) and their tassel loafers.

Here's a pair of Foot-Joy suede tassels currently on eBay (9.5D) - look good to me

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Originally Posted by VRaivio View Post

StephenHero: please see this discussion from AAAC's forum on FootJoy:


Are there any signs on the shoes that should indicate quality or make? Should I be looking on the welt or sole for anything in particular?
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Well, Made in USA in a good start -- and if the insole reads 'FootJoy Classics', you have a pair from their dress shoe collection. Other than that my guess is as good as yours.
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As a teenager with a group who "dressed", three of the best made, fitting, and designed shoes were Footjoy, nettletons and R.D. Atkins (handmade).  Each had a Special styled shoe" and Footjoys was several colors in two-toned suede.

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