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Shoe to go clubbing in

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Wassup people- I've been lurking for a bit and this is my first post. BTW, I love this forum. I'm 23 and I am having trouble finding shoes to go clubbing in. I hate wearing dress shoes b/c they are so difficult to get your groove on in. Any ideas/suggestions? TIA, LDawg
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If you don't like dress shoes, the only thing left is sneakers, which is a very hard alternative to pull off. However, I can recommend some sneakers that don't look too sneaker-like. The Kobe 2's from adidas don't look like sneakers thanks to their outer shell. Adidas also makes a leather lifestyle 'sneaker' that is just cool and un-sporty looking. I'm not sure of the name, but they are low-cut and have perforated leather on them. I suggest in general that you check out adidas, because it seems like they have quite a few items that don't look too sporty. Otherwise, go and look at the gucci website: there are several pairs of sneaker designs that are pure leather and therefore don't look too sneakerish. The aim, if you buy sneakers, is not to have them look like sneakers. My step-brother used to wear Nike AWG black 'goat' sneakers, and when he was at Chaos and Spy they didn't look out of place at all. If none of these options turn out, Jimmy Choo can tailor-make loafers that stick to your foot and bend in all the right places, which makes dancing really easy. Of course, they're expensive as hell, but if you buy a classic cut they will last forever. I hope that helped a little bit, there definetly are options outside of dress shoes for dancing. --European Interloper
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i was recently in the same boat. i think the best choices for club shoes are ferragamo or gucci loafers, which you can find online at several websites for a good price. looks good when you put it with most stuff from either the high-end like ferragamo shirts and jackets, or more affordable club clothes like banana republic.
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Checkout this article for a little club fashion: Also, make sure your aware of the dress rules.  As you probably know, there are some clubs that turn away patrons who wear trainers (sneakers).
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i was recently in the same boat.  i think the best choices for club shoes are ferragamo or gucci loafers, which you can find online at several websites for a good price.  looks good when you put it with most stuff from either the high-end like ferragamo shirts and jackets, or more affordable club clothes like banana republic.
Hey The_Foxx- Do you mind giving me some links to websites that have good prices on these shoes? TIA, LDawg
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I think this all depends all on your budget, which in turns affects which clubs you go out to. Also the type of music and local scene play into your choices of footwear too. As to trainers the ones I found the most comfortable to dance in were Saucony, and this was 'almost aerobic' rave dancing when I used to go to them back in the day. They do stay comfortable all night long and hold up over the years, besides looking retro and stylish, so they may suit you. I am not a big sneaker person so I don't know about any other brands. You may want to look into that grey area that now exists between sneakers and dress shoes thanks to Prada. I have a pair of Kenneth Coles socer/bowler style flatfront shoe I usually wear to local bars and less fashionable clubs. Now I know people are starting to fall out of interest in the square toed shoes, and Kenn Coles in general, but I find them comfortable to dance in and they still look good for my local scene. Also I wear them for I don't really care if a beer or so gets dumped on them, which has happened with other shoes. You can pick these up pretty cheap at outlets, I found them for $50 already. Other shoes you may want to check out is Samsonite Blacklabel, I have a white pair that look almost like sneakers, but better, they have three embosed sections below where they lace. Lastly Kangol's desert boots are comfortable and nicely styled, but personally I am hesitant to wear them at times since they are suede. These are all shoes that I have found to do the job from my own experience.
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If you're going to go the sneaker/trainer route, I'd suggest something slightly less conventional than what you might typically wear to the gym, or jogging.  I just picked up a pair of Diesel sneakers,and I love them.  Mine are in white, but you can get them in various colors.  They're just a little bit funkier than the usual, but basic and cool enough to wear in most situations that call for sneakers.  They're pretty cheap ($70-$80 or so), very comfortable, and pair well with jeans too.  I think the Diesel website has pictures so you can check them out. Good clubbing sneaker, in my opinion.
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Where do you guys find good prices (online) for all the shoes that you buy?
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LDawg.....Do you post on Elite?
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yeah I do. Not often though. I asked the same question too. hahhaah. I figured you guys would know a little more here.
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When you say "clubbing" are you talking about a dance club, a lounge, a rave club, etc. etc. For a rave club, I agree that sneakers (the new Addidas Clim-Cool ones rock) would be perfect. If you are talking about a more upscale club, try black chelsea boots or black shoes (both Boss and Kenneth Cole makes great black monk straps or black half-chelseas that are great and won't break the budget).
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One ground rule (and you're probably aware of it already): stick to rubber soles if it's a dance club. I used to break out a pair of my (way too many) pairs of leather-soled Gucci loafers, and by 3am I was ready to die. They're still perfect for lounges and the like, but as for dance floors, Prada's Sport line makes that great loafer with the rubber sole (the one with the red line on the heel). You might want to go with that one. Good luck.
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I agree that leather-soled shoes can really hurt when dancing, but you can get customized cushioning from any good orthopedic doctor, or even a chiropractor. The cushioning should actually be worn in all shoes as it helps prevent shocks to your ankle and knees. More to the point, it means you could wear stilettos (I'm just kidding) out clubbing and feel fine. A really cool shoe is the new white/black Gucci loafer. You can wear anything with it and look very stylish. --European Interloper
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