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How do you eat your Weetabix?

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i like to cover mine with chocolate almond milk to just barely cover the biscuit lying flat in the bowl. then i eat it quickly with a spoon without mashing it up. i understand that there are many ways to eat weetabix and i'm curious.
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With skim milk, concentrating on the task so it does not get soggy. Once in a while, I will eat one as if it were a cracker.
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milk & honey
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millk and brown sugar
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wow. that's a great first post, duchess! welcome to the forum. will have to try the milk and honey technique. fabienne, do you not find it a bit... dry to eat weetabix like a biscuit? i will try it for science. stazy, i see the appeal of the brown sugar. why does it taste so good?
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Soaked in ricemilk, drizzled with agave nectar and microwaved.
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Sprinkled on top with sugar (or Splenda nowadays). Then milk/ricemilk/soymilk poured around the sides. That way the structural integrity is not compromised
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Fuck yah, now this is a thread I want to be a part of! You can keep your half naked nubile Asians and saucy Indian chicks... lets talk about soggy wheat!

Seriously though, I love the bix. Growing up it was 2 bickies w/ milk, a bit of sugar. Now it's 3 bickies, no sugar, w/milk, sometimes w/ sliced bananas. I once tried the chocolate milk thing though... didn't care for it. Oh yah, and I let it get soggy as hell until it's mush. Crunchy Weetabix? When hell freezes over!
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does weetabix remind anyone else of the raft of the medusa?
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LabelKing destroyed my life.
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I want my... I want my Weet-a-bix....
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mmmm i love the bix. cold milk and brown sugar does it for me!
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DDML, with some legos and pipecleaners, that could be a kinda Zbigniew Libera project. I once made a diorama of the battle of thermopylae out of legos.

Also, I've never had Weetabix. More of a Kashi guy, myself.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782
More of a Kashi guy, myself.

My favourite is the Kashi box with the 2 chicks that look like they are more than just "good friends".

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shoreman, i would totally craft a weetabix of the medusa, but i'm busy upping my post count on an internet fashion board... i like kashi, sort of. i only eat one brick of weetabix a day. should i be upping it? one seems to do me... this is getting complicated.
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