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Can someone look over my Resume?

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Hey guys,

I am looking to get my resume in tip top shape before sending it out. Can anyone give me some advice on how to touch it up?
Resume Working edit.doc 25k .doc file
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I find your resume to be a little too funky and that's not a good think. you should try to aim for something more standard, especially if you plan to apply to finance positions. Your resume should stand-out because of your experiences and qualifications, not because it's modern and cool. At the very least, have a standard header.

Should look more like this

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Is this one any more desirable than the last?
Classic Resume.doc 23k .doc file
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Use a standard font through out (time new roman, arial, calibri). Use a readable size particularly as your resume isn't massive.

Under your internship, did all these bullet points result in specific accomplishments? What is the size of the portfolios you were dealing with? Mention that somewhere. Numbers are always good as they break up all the text.

Under recruitment chair, try to mention whether your recruitment resulted in increased attendance of rush meetings/events. Did the pledge class increase compared to the last group? Did more rushes sucessfully pledge compared to previous groups? List those, that way it looks like an accomplishment.

Under cook, what kind of restaurant was it? Tell me. How many customers did you serve on a busy night? tell me (don't mention busy night just say "up to"). What kind of skills did you develop? Handling pressure, leadership, etc. Tell me please.

Under Publications use MLA or chicago (?) reference styles. Or try and see what it looks like.

Under interests I'd mention specific Financial Theory books/publications you've read or you follow closely. Get rid of "cars". Under snowboarding, mention how long you've been doing it. Be more specific about what kinds of non-fiction you read: medieval history? art history? American politics?

** See attachment for a 10 minute revision based on some of my comments (mostly format related). Basically, since you aren't in the creative field, you don't want your resume to be gimmicky. The actual things you have done at school and while working are what should stand out. However, you use certain things to grab attention - see my format changes w/r/t what to capitalize, underline and bold. Plus see my comments about adding figures/numbers to break up text.

*** Since my sample is more than a page, after you've played around with your experience, consider cutting some bullets out of them. And try to keep them to one line. More detailed work experience should be reserved for when you've actually been a full time employee post graduation. Classic Resume.doc 34k .doc file
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PS - what's your proficiency in Excel and Office? Intermediate? Advanced? Mention that. If relevant do so for thinkorswim. For finance gigs photoshop is irrelevant.

PPS - New Mexico should be NM not Nm.

PPPS - I guess I did a good job, My sample is at one page.
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