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Originally Posted by nerdykarim View Post

Are you satisfied with the quality? I'm sitting on a set of try-on frames but I can't really get behind any of them.
I ended up ordering a set of try-on frames from My understanding is that they're manufactured by Shuron and, IMO, the styles look better. I should get them in a few days; I'm interested to see how they stack up to Warby Parker.

Holy crap - those classicspec glasses are all tiny in width. I'm not sure who they are selling to (maybe mostly women, with unisex offerings?). The biggest eyesize I saw was 52mm with a 17mm bridge. I have a medium width head and I would have to bow the arms a bit just to keep from touching my temples. Even the round frames are smaller than average - typical round glasses seem to be around 47mm. Their two options are 43mm and 45mm.

The glasses look nice though if they fit your face. Post some pics once you get them.
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Like both miles and Sinclair. take your pick of how bold you want to go. Or buy two like I did last year and switch off.
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i like the sinclair best but the pics don't make it easy to tell which suits your face best (and i probably wouldn't know anyway).
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I like the Miles, Japhy or the Zagg..
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Thanks for the feedback, guys. It turns on the Try-On feature is limited to the United States, and I'm in Canada. I might order two or three pairs and send back the ones I don't want. Or I might just order one and see how it turns out.
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Originally Posted by threeleggeddog View Post

Fair enough, your face, your style. But in general, deeper glasses are going to deepen your (oval) face. The Miles works best because it's kind of a contrasting horizontal oval. For the reverse reason, the Owen, Preston and Sinclair are the worst. And the Huxley kind of works because of the thickness of the sides - it helps pull your face out. I tried on an Oliver People's frame that I think would work extremely well with your face (but I can't remember the name). If I run across it, I'll let you know.

If you think of the Oliver Peoples frame, let me know. I was considering the Deacon from a few seasons ago, but it feels like it would be similar to the Huxley.
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post

I like the Sinclair - sharp looking pair.

Very much agreed. Also something about the detailed look or tortoise shell frames. Good luck deciding!
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without question the Webb is perfect!!!satisfied.gif

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