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Online stores

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Clothes Altamoda italia-www.altamoda-italia.safewebshop.com Kitmeout-www.kitmeout.com Brownbag-www.bbclothing.co.uk/ Regent St. marketing-www.regentstreetmarketing.co.uk/ Swerve-www.swerve.co.uk/ Guyshop-www.guyshop.com www.theclothesstore.com www.designerclobber.com Shoes Shoe avenue shoe parlor shoes dream Can you add to this list ?
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I presume you're in the UK. Try www.yoox.com for past season's stuff. www.b-forza.com has the latest stuff, but it's all in japanese. Be wary of fakes as well - I think "Dolce & Gabbana BASIC" is either made up or long discontinued. In addition, big logos and non-existent care tags are usually a dead giveaway.
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How reliable is on-line shopping? I'd like to get deals on clothes as much as the next guy but I'm concerned about the quality of merchandise I've never looked over in person. Any thoughts from those who have done it before?
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Oh yeah, there's also www.bluefly.com, they're a fairly large last season discounter on the web. As for buying online, as I mentioned in another thread, I've found it's OK if it's for something you already have or maybe have seen before. Quality of merchandise largely depends on the quality of the label and the e-tailer: I'd stick to people like Bluefly that use real merchant accounts (not Paypal) and have solid return policies. As long as the merchant is not dealing in fakes, quality will depend on the label. You don't get the benefit of a buyer sifting through all the crap and picking the best pieces of a particular season's collection, so sometimes it's hit and miss. You also have to have a good idea of the transition from screen to your own body: what looks good on your monitor won't always fit well, even if a model is used on the site (this has happened to me before.) One thing I would NEVER buy online is a suit. There are so many variables in a suit that just knowing "oh yeah, it's a 38R, that's my size." is about 10% of the equation.
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Sorry, I hadn't read the other thread when I posted. Thanks for the insight.
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http://www.b-forza.com has great stuff. I don't really like bluefly or yoox because they only stock the leftovers nobody wants. http://www.yumchuchu.com has current season Prada shoes for more than 50% off. Next season they are going to start selling clothes.
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Gentlemen: I have about 80 sites, and cannot post them all. E-mail me if interested.
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Anyone find out where to get Energie jeans online yet? Also how much do they go for anyway? I'm still looking for a pair; have had no luck in NYC looking for them.
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Anyone find out where to get Energie jeans online yet? Also how much do they go for anyway? I'm still looking for a pair; have had no luck in NYC looking for them.
www.goclothing.com has Energie jeans. I haven't found any other US-based online sources. Prices are comparable to Diesel (@$130, depending on style).
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Energie jeans are used in the latest issue of Wallpaper* Energie only makes clothes for men. Some eBay seller right now is listing them as for girls just because they are flared.
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Are there any Canadian e-tailers? Im not looking for high end. Just comfotable and reasonably priced. I dont really care if its name brand. A site like revolveclothing.com
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