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Excorcist. though the SNL skit with"Your mommy sucks socks that smell" was a good parody.

I still enjoy Silence of the Lambs

Irreversible is hard to take.

Anymore just some of the crap that comes through as news carries more of a jolt.
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ever see the sexorcist? funny parody. or pastiche, rather. whatevs.
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What about Closet Land?
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I saw a movie that showed Cathy Bates naked. The horror... The horror...
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you bastard. now i have that image stuck in my head!
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I think Jacob's Ladder was filmed in my nabe.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector
If you want to see a strange movie, go watch Gummo (another movie I had no idea what I was in for).

That movie is really unsettling and bizarre.

"He smells like a PILE O' BULLSHIT!"
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Jaws when i saw it as a little kid.

The Day After gave me nightmares for days after i saw it.

The Exorcist

The X-Files episode, "Home".

And yes, I did find The Blair Witch Project scary.

on my movies-to-see list is The Ring.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is made scarier to me because, as LK said, I've been through parts of this state where one could very easily picture the events in the movie happening.

Probably the most disturbing thing I've seen was when my friend and I watched Salad Fingers hammered at two in the morning.
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Salad Fingers has that visceral feeling.
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Originally Posted by gamelan
The X-Files episode, "Home".

I couldn't recall that episode, so I looked it up online:

Wong and Morgan's concept of 'Home' comes from a very unlikely source... Charlie Chaplin! "He was touring England in a musical," explains Morgan. "and went to stay in this old tenement boarding house. The family that ran it evidently took a liking to him, and they said, 'Come on upstairs, we're gonna show you something we don't show to too many people.' So, he goes upstairs to this room with, like, a cot and a hanging bare light bulb, and the family wheels out a young man with no arms or legs. They stand him up and start singing and dancing, and the kid kind of flops around. Of course, Chaplin is horrified. When they're done, they lay the kid back, roll him under the bed and say, 'Wasn't that great?' And he's just mortified. I read that 13 years ago [in Chaplin's autobiography], and ever since then I'd thought, 'God, I've gotta do something like that!' "

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Originally Posted by LabelKing
Salad Fingers has that visceral feeling.
Indeed. I remember getting an overwhelming feeling at the time of my seeing it that the creator of it must be seriously warped in some fundamental way.

VMan, that's an extraordinarily disturbing story.
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I'd say that the scariest movie I've ever watched is Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the reason that LK said - not only was it very disturbing, but it could (did? does?) actually happen.
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Originally Posted by mack11211
In Japan, Kiyoshi Kurosawa makes some pretty scary stuff.

He's best known in the US for PULSE, which was unfortunately remade here.

Haven't seen it, but CURE is a knockout.

Don't wait for the inevitable remake.


Two excellent choices. One thing, about Cure, the use of sound effects (particularly in the low frequencies) really contributes to the frightening atmosphere. This doesn't really come across when watching the movie on DVD - but no one who saw that movie in a theater will ever forget it.
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