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jacket sleeve tailoring

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As I was having lunch yesterday, I noticed that my blazer had no vent on the cuff and the buttons where just sewn onto the sleeve.  I found this to be odd.  So, I went home and looked at my other blazers.  Apparently, when I had my jackets tailored (the sleeves shortened), the tailor just hacked off the vents on the sleeves.  Now when I look at any of my jackets, I feel that they look cheap.  I have no idea how I have not noticed this.  I'm pretty pissed because most of the jackets were $2k plus.  


So, I guess my questions are:  Is this normal practice?  For future tailoring, can the sleeves be removed and shortened from the top (near the shoulder) thus preserving the sleeve vent?  Other than this, my tailor has done a great job and came highly recommended.  He has been a tailor for 50+ years....so i'm kind of confused. 


This is my first post, although I've been checking out the forum for a few years.  Thanks!!

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Irksomely normal.

Which is why I would rather pay the $60-80 to get it shorten from the shoulder. But depending on material you might not have the option.
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Thanks for the reply.  Good to know that it's possible to shorten from the shoulder.  

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I had sleeves lengthened on a sport coat and for some reason the vents are gone.
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This is quite common of my jackets as well.
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I just noticed the same on my jackets today.  Like you, many of my suits and coats are around 2k as well.  He is charging me $38 per sleeve and I'm getting them back without a vent.  What recourse do I have?  When I first started using him, the jackets  came back with a sleeve vent.  But the last 7 jackets or so I have sent have all come back without a vent, just buttons attached to the side, like its become too much work.  I imagine the jackets at this point are beyond repairable to add a vent.  I have some items at the tailor now that are being altered, so I'm thinking of not paying due to unrepairable damage he has done to my last 7 coats.  What should I do, other than finding a new tailor?  

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Originally Posted by graydog View Post

Thanks for the reply.  Good to know that it's possible to shorten from the shoulder.  

It is possible, but it's a tricky alteration entrusted to only the most skilled tailors. Now days I would never attempt this, pass on the jacket no matter how much I liked it.

The issue is maintaining the integrity of the shoulder. There is only so much that can be accomplished without screwing this up - even then, simply taking off and reattaching a sleeve can have disastrous results regarding sleeve pitch. A SC i brought in to Joe @ Rizzo was a great fitting jacket, except for too long a sleeve - a sleeve that had functional cuffs. He nailed it on first time and although the sleeve is still a little long, he made it clear that to shorted any more would ruin the shoulder. A second jacket same scenario - purchased at the same time though altered years later by another firm required 5 attempts to reach a satisfactory result. To their credit, there was no fuss, they wanted to get it right as much as I did.

Just be aware, shortening the sleeve from the shoulder is an alteration that requires serious technical chops.
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