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Great shoes - better prices

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There is a French website selling Stefanobi shoes for about $300.. US customers don't have to pay the VAT but shipping runs about the same amount so the total would be a little under the listed price. If you aren't familiar with Stefanobi they are owned by LVMH and they make the Berluti ready-to-wear line. Very very nice shoes, better than Mantellassi in my opinion. You can find them here: Stefanobi Sale La Botte also carries Tods, Church's, Crockett & Jones, Heschung etc a good prices. Another great site is: Tanino Crisci Tanino Crisci is a top Italian make - they were on last years Robb Report "Best Of the Best" list for ready-to-wear shoes. If you order them off the website they are a lot cheaper - $300 - $575 instead of the $550-$750 they charge at the New York store.
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I own a pair of Doge Marron in black. Very stiff construction indeed. My only complain is that the shoes more more robust than my feet. I plan to have rubber outsoles fitted to the pair by my cobbler. Otherwise I'll be slipped to death in Hong Kong's humid weather in summer.
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Thracozaag and I saw some StephanoBi at Vacca (in New York) selling for *ONLY* $995.00, as the saleslady was preaching to us about them. They are quite striking, though I have not known anyone who has them. Thanks for your tip on that website. I am a bit confused about the sizing though. I wear an euro 43.5, what size should I take in that site? I think I should take size 10 (according to their chart), but I just want to seek a second opinion.
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Thanks for that site. There are some interesting shoes there. These Paul Smith trainers at a Nike price, for instance: And their price for a variant of my favourite all-time shoes, Tod's bowling shoes, is MUCH saner than the local Neimans. If I could try them on, I'd snap up those Paul Smiths.... Peace, JG
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I'm fairly certain the sizes listed are English sizes. The wider shoes they have are listed as an F-width which as far as I know is exclusively an English width. So a size 10 would probably work nicely for you. From the sound of it, New York City shoe prices are incredibly high.. Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco carries a nice range of Stefanobi at $550 a pair. Mantellassi runs $450-$700, John Lobb William's run $750 at Neiman Marcus, and when Saks used to carry Edward Green they were $550. (These are the prices for the San Francisco stores.) I guess I should count my blessings for being able to shop there. How was Domenico Vacca? I've been curious what the selection is like in there.
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If you see a pair of StephanoBi at $550+, you should definitely get it --- for yourself or for sale. All StephanoBi shoes I've seen (in New York, Tokyo, or Hong Kong) are all over US$1000, some around US$1200. Most of them have a double welt, which is probably why they are so expensive (so are the Lattanzi's).
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How was Domenico Vacca? I've been curious what the selection is like in there.
It's a wonderful little boutique that has a very nice selection of items from Attolini (shirts, suits, ties, etc), and some other Neapolitan makers as well as shoes by StefanoBi. It's a cozy store, tucked in behind Central Park, very charming.
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