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Hickey Freeman?

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I stopped by a K&G today and ran across some Hickey Freeman. Some of the shirts didn't say Hickey Freeman but just Hickey and made in heaven. Does anyone know about this line?

The store also had unstructured coat or jacket with surgeon cuffs, patch pockets and used s,m,l,xl sizing. My understanding of what quality or high quality coats is surgeon cuffs. So I am a little confused because it seems like the jacket is just a blend of odd things with the cuffs and patch pockets and sizing. I was under the impression that HF was fairly high quality and I did buy some Made in Italy pants. Has anyone by chance seen this jacket or can you please correct any misunderstandings I may have written about. Thanks
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"Hickey" also known as "Hickey Style" was Hickey Freeman's fashion line from approx 2007-2009. The line was cancelled because of some creative differences with HIckey Freeman and Hickey Style's head designer. The fit of Hickey Style is typically more contemporary/trim and casual much like the labels Burberry Brit and Z Zegna. As for quality, Hickey Style is inferior to most Hickey Freeman Made in Italy. However, many of Hickey Style's clothes are still pretty good quality. I own several pieces from Hickey Style (shirts, knits and pants) and have no qualms about the quality/construction.
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I agree w/ everything except the made in Italy. Hickey Freeman is made in Rochester, NY.
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The pants I bought were made in Italy.
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some stuff is made in USA (suits and sport coats), some stuff is made in italy (polos, pants, etc.), and some stuff is made in some South American country (shorts, etc.)
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