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Originally Posted by yoshii View Post

thanks for that glenjay.
Anyway after trying on the cuffed trousers, it just looked too 'bunched' at the front and without wanting it taken up so much as to have no break at all, i ended up having them redone with a normal hem.

snap. cuffs look good in some SF photos but not for me.
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Cuffs on everything dress - pleats and flats - but it's tough for me at 6'3 because OTR barely has enough usually to eke out a 1.5 cuff, let alone a 2.0. No cuffs on casual, flat front stuff.
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I can't remember what is cuffed in my wardrobe and what isn't anymore.
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How are cuffs on pants "grandpa" pants? Do the math, if grandpa is between 70 and 90, chances are he would have dressed in a Mad Men/ Thome Browne look back in his day. Don Draper would be about 80 now if he was a real person. It's just a preference that weaves in and out of fashion.
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cuffs, pleats-  on a forum where ties, jackets and PSs are de rigueur  they're hardly gonna be the thing that IDs you as 'Grand Pa'

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Cuffs are one of those rare items of men's fashion for which the rules are essential none (excluding them being forbidden on formal wear of most sorts).

Do as you please to suit your build and the overall aesthetic you are trying to acheive.

I can promise one thing - no matter what you do in this regard you will either have to change them all out every few years or accept the fact that your choice will be 'out of fashion' sometimes. As in terms of fashion it all cycles about endlessly. I've been dressing for the office for thirty years and I can promise you I've worn everything from triple pleated and cuffed to slim fitted and no cuff and everything in between. To me this all fine when buying trousers as separates. For suiting I try to keep pretty near a 'middle ground' and avoid extremes - medium leg openings, no cuffs on anything at the moment - although am thinking a few with cuffs would be nice.

The current 2" cuff look is fun - but a flash in the pan that will be over soon enough.

The good news is that cuffs can be adjusted readily - so when fashions change - so can you!
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Originally Posted by luftvier View Post

This board has other short guys who wear 1.5-2" cuffs and look great. Height should not matter.
This is a silly "rule." Look back to shots from the 50/60s, and you'll see lots of flat front cuffed trou.

2" cuff on short guys looks ridiculously out of proportion.
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Originally Posted by Tony Romo View Post

I cuff every pair of pants that I can, whether it be flat front or pleated.

I agree.
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I decided to go with cuffed hems this month, for the first time.
My suit is 3, roll 2, button, double vented and flat front in POW check with a coral overplaid.
I'm tall anyway, but I suppose the check takes the eye from going straight to the cuffed hems.
I have no issues with wearing the suit and believe it looks fine.
My reasons for choosing to go with cuffed on the suit was less formality.
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I cuff about 80% of my flat front trousers - some I don't cuff for the change of pace or because I feel it will work better with the particular pair of trousers. As for cuff height I tried a couple at 2 inches but didn't care for it and 1.5 just feels to skimpy so 1.75 is my sweet spot. There is no right or wrong choice here nor do I particularly care about any current trend, I just do what I like.

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