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For this discussion, I recommend Mania or Issey Miyake. Both can be bought in Cairo at a special store (the name evades me) that makes perfumes that smell exactly like Mania or Miyake, but are alcohol free. This increases their lastability and quality, and, regrettably, their price. Otherwise, if you have the income, London's Creed it the best cologne manufacturer in the world. They design scents for you according to personality and taste, and every single cologne is perfect in that it evaporates on your skin to leave the exact right amount of scent. My cologne rule is that it should smell only when a girl is close enough to kiss, and Creed nailed it in one.
Alcohol free perfume should be more expensive, there's more perfume in it There's differing levels of dilution given different names. From strongest to weakest: Perfume/parfum ("pure" scent, relatively undiluted by distilled water and/or alcohol) > eau de parfum > eau de toilette > cologne (heavily diluted). Naturally, the strongest concentration costs more, but lasts longer. I found this out when I went to buy my girlfriend a birthday gift one year and wondered why a half ounce was $175 while four ounces was $60. Well, the four ounces is mostly filler With "real" perfume, the tiniest amount is required and it lasts the longest time.