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What are your favorite colognes and why? I like Eternity because of its springlike qualities, I wear it whenever I feel playful and easygoing. I wear Mania more for going out to nightclubs or whenever a more serious occasion is at hand. It has some sweet topnotes and end with a subdued musk/woody scent that I enjoy.
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This past spring I used Clinique Happy and Bulgari Extreme and this fall I plan to go back to Issey Miyake and Dreamer.
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This past spring I used Clinique Happy and Bulgari Extreme and this fall I plan to go back to Issey Miyake and Dreamer.
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I rotate between Boss Hugo Boss Emporio Armani Aqua Di Gio RL Romance I have been looking all week for a new fragrance or 2 to add in... will probably decide next week on one. I've been to 3 different fragrance sellers so far and all have been ridiculously pushy with certain ones... totally not interested in helping me make a choice that I will like.
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i think cologne is a personal choice of what 'fits' a person/ personality, but to me there is none finer than Creed and Acqua Di Parma. i got rid of all my other colognes to wear only these two. this is an interesting subject.....where do most people buy cologne? myself, i would stick to stores like Nordstrom and NM, websites like sephora or a site of similar type. that way, you can find something that EVERYONE else isn't wearing, that women associate with you alone. my two cents.
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i posted this in a recent thread, but ill add it again: PerfumeBay and Scentiments are probably the two best places to get cologne; lots of selection, quick delivery, good serivce, and amazing prices. After shopping there, I just can't see anyone paying full department store prices for cologne.
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Relatives keep giving me Gaultier's "Le Male" as presents, so I wear that all the time. Helps that I like the scent It's clean and somewhat soft, though not sharp and obvious. I also like L'eau d'Issey, it's crisp but not too "in your face", it's also clean and fresh smelling. Can someone try to describe Green Irish Tweed for me?
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I just recently picked up Salvatore Ferragamo's pour homme, and must say this is a really great cologne for Fall. I also love Bulgari Black, for nightlife, and Blue is good, but more so for the daytime.
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I like Dior's Farenheit because it smells unique and light but not flowery.
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I alternate between Hugo (Hugo boss), Le Male (Jean Paul Gaultier), Rush (Gucci), Envy (Gucci), Polo (Ralph Lauren)...I think that's it. I aquired a few samples of Pi, by Givenchy, which is actually my favorite. I just haven't got to buying it yet.
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My new personal favorite is Givenchy pour Homme. I have a problem with colognes vanishing half an hour after putting them on. This one has some staying power and is very light. My other personal favorite is Aqua di Gio. It smells like watermelon to me... i love it.
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My staple is Santos de Cartier. I've been wearing it for at least 15 years, there's always a bottle in my fridge. It's woodsy, spicy, floral, fresh and powdery at the same time. There's an almost insencelike quality to it which I really like. I usually have one or two other fragrances for variation, currently Cristobal pour homme by Balenciaga.
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I've been wearing it for at least 15 years, there's always a bottle in my fridge.
Is there an advantage in keeping fragrances cool? I have two bottles of Allure pour homme by Chanel (one I had, one was a gift). I won't have use for the second bottle for a while - should I be keeping it in the fridge?
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Perfume should be kept dark and cool. Hence the fridge. Other places are often warm and often brightly lit. Perfumes generally last pretty long though, so unless you'll keep the bottle for one or more years it probably doesn't matter. But who knows how long its been sitting on a shelf before you got it?
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For this discussion, I recommend Mania or Issey Miyake. Both can be bought in Cairo at a special store (the name evades me) that makes perfumes that smell exactly like Mania or Miyake, but are alcohol free. This increases their lastability and quality, and, regrettably, their price. Otherwise, if you have the income, London's Creed it the best cologne manufacturer in the world. They design scents for you according to personality and taste, and every single cologne is perfect in that it evaporates on your skin to leave the exact right amount of scent. My cologne rule is that it should smell only when a girl is close enough to kiss, and Creed nailed it in one.
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