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Damn, that sucks man. Hope the claim process goes smoothly for you.
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Sorry to see it. I hope it all gets worked out quickly.
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Hello all,


Anyone know any retailers of high-quality reproductions of the chair now that Rove and IFN have stopped selling their versions? Was considering purchasing a chair from both of those retailers and was particularly interested in the IFN version. Both companies seemed to have decent products and reviews, and maybe more of a reassurance thing, but I also liked that they had a social media presence with YouTube videos and Instagram accounts with pics of the actual chair they sell, not just stock photos.


Unfortunately, Rove is saying their version has “not met their quality standards” and won’t be offering them for sale once their current small stock is gone – the version I wanted (walnut/black leather) was already sold out. I tried ordering from IFN and they have discontinued the chair in both the states and Canada.


After searching around I found a couple other retailers that seemed to offer something similar (Emfurn, Eternity Modern), but the photos on their sites are inconsistent or are just stock photos obviously taken from other sources. Manhattan Home came up, but after reading page after page of negative reviews, seems like a pretty bad idea ordering from them.


I also found Yadea Furniture in China which seems to be a supplier to retailers, but again, their photos are inconsistent (some of the real Herman Miller version, some of obviously cheap knock offs, some of decent re-pros).


Anyone know have any info on Rove or IFN or another retailer offering similar hi-quality reproductions? 

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Originally Posted by Jr Mouse View Post

I am seeking information of where I can find a knockoff Piochair. Any recommendations?

Don't get knockoffs! Seriously, just not worth it. If you want PiobChairs spend the money. So what they're 3-5x the cost?
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Just happened upon this thread, because I'm looking for a replacement for my "knockoff" PiobChair I bought about 30 years ago. I got my money's worth, all $250 of it. Still comfortable, but not stable. I also can't afford a $1K chair, so am looking for something similar. I want it for comfort as well as the design. I understand what designers are saying: buy my design. I understand what the builders are saying: go with my product, it's well made. I'd love to have the well-made chair, but the designers are dead, and the company is profiting off of their work now for the last 25-30 years. I feel like there is something immoral about that, making money off the work of dead people. And to those who say it's taking work from folks, well, it is giving others work as well. I applaud your trying to find a product that you love, in a price range you can find, and that you have been so diligent in your comparison shopping. Those folks making the snarky remarks do that out of fear, and are letting their innate bully show. Let those who can afford the PiobChairs buy them, and let those who can't afford them find the alternative. Live and let live!
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Sorry to see the damage to your beautiful Santos Palosander chair. I have good news for you though. Someone named Graham Mancha is located in the UK. He's by far the most knowledgeable and skilled craftsman of Eames design. You may just google him and I'm sure he can help you repair the shock mount. Please keep us posted.
Originally Posted by cchen View Post

You guys may find this amusing or sad.... I've had a Herman Miller eames lounge chair for around 6 years and it's travelled with me from NY to HK and now London....

Well my relocation shipment arrived this week and my chair now looks like this

Going through the painful insurance claim process now
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Originally Posted by ES670 View Post

Sorry to see the damage to your beautiful Santos Palosander chair. I have good news for you though. Someone named Graham Mancha is located in the UK. He's by far the most knowledgeable and skilled craftsman of Eames design. You may just google him and I'm sure he can help you repair the shock mount. Please keep us posted.

thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm in touch with Graham and he seems very knowledgeable. I hope my insurance claim is resolved soon so Graham can repair the chair!!
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So glad to hear. Graham has taught me so much about Eames design. He's honest and generous with his knowledge. You're in the best hands possible. Look forward to the "after" pix. Good luck.
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@bobsmith45 We just ordered our chair (Walnut with black Modena leather) in mid-april. I was eagerly anticipating it, but then I read your note about discontinuing the chair. I immediately got in touch with Rove to ask about it. I have to say, their customer service has been beyond outstanding; they got back to us immediately, like within 20 minutes.

I asked if I should worry that the chair I ordered was not up to quality. This was her response:

Just to confirm, the previous Modena Black with Rosewood configuration you had on order was not actually a custom order, it just had to be forwarded from our US warehouse to the Canadian terminal before it could be shipped which is why it had a 'future ship date'.  Please rest assured that we are not allowing any sales to go through for custom order configurations or any items affected by this hardware issue. 


So I felt better about that immediately, but still not 100% comfortable after seeing some people on this thread sharing swatches showing cheap and only part-aniline leathers. Fortunately, Rove had an upgraded chair in Walnut and Palermo waxy-aniline in stock in the warehouse, and they were happy to upgrade us (around $300 extra.)

To me that's totally worth it for something I hope to have for decades.

All in all we paid a little over $3k for a chair that is damn-near (within .25") a 1:1 reproduction of the original with significantly better leather.

In my opinion, Herman Miler is the manufacturer, not the designer, and like so many freelance designers, writers and artists, just because someone bought the rights to something doesn't mean they made it. I feel like the cost of something is not its value, and I value the designer, not the guy who bought the design. As long as the manufacturer does a good, quality job, I'm happy, and see little reason to feel guilty for not paying a 300% premium for it. 

We're not comparing cheap Rolexes or shabby handbags here. We're talking about a stationary piece of design that, when made well, honours the vision of its designer.  

Looking forward to it arriving, will post pix when it happens.

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I love people who just register for the first time and their first post is like a cheap mag promotion for a Company making unlicensed fakes.
Should have included the fact that if you order three, you qualify for a free hair transplant of boob job.
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I'll take dem titties.

Yeah but seriously though thanks for the warm welcome. I in turn love people who make righteously indignant comments on forums like they're wearing a monocle and pressing "enter" with their engraved sterling Enter-key wand.

Clearly you're not one with whom to trifle :/


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As one who is capable of eloquently using the correct usage of whom in a sentence, I would expect you to recognize the originality of the original Eames lounge chair or do you mince your words when it comes to distinguishing between, "worth the money" and "cheap".
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So you feel the value of a thing is defined by the cost of a thing?

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Ah, look. I'm not even invested in this debate much one way or the other, but his comment was on point. It's funny how many new accounts started posting in this thread to support the knock-offs. When you hang out on forums long enough you pick up on how to spot the shills. Maybe you are not one of them, but he wasn't being obtuse in calling it out.
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Well sorta. The title of this thread is "Eames lounge chair copies...worth it?" Given that I just bought one, and having read this thread (which reads like a Trump/Sanders debate BTW), figured it was a good place to drop my 2¢.

Honestly people who fly by to belittle people who don't share their narrow ideology are the worst kind of soapboxers. It's happened over and over again on this thread alone and it just reads as insecure children angry about having to justify their own purchase, projected as backing others into a corner and forcing them to justify theirs.

You want a forum to be all high and mighty, start a thread called "I bought a genuine Herman Miller chair because I'm better than you." That way, when one of us plebs comes along and says something contentious, you can be as judgmental and dismissive as you want.

In the meantime I'll be over here, sitting in a stunning chair and thinking about which city to visit next with the $5k I didn't spend.


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