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It's illegal to sell knock offs in most northern european countries including the UK, from a couple months ago.
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My client is fairly large nationally, so I doubt they'd risk selling a product that's in direct breach of the law.

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Unless they use a subsidiary company to do the official selling. Also many of the fakes relating to fake furniture are produced in Italy where there is a loophole in the law that they have up till now been unable to close. I don´t know how many sellers of fakes I´ve seen come and go. They just keep opening up under a new name until they are closed again.
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Many of the older designs are now public domain.

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edinatlanta = comes off perby

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Not to piss on anyone's parade, but Herman Miller has something called "Trade Dress" protection.  This means that any replicas are illegal. Check out this link. I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm just researching these chairs and came across this forum.

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dude, @foodguy, someone is copying your schtick. Thoughts?
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Hey edinatlanta, Is this how you welcome a new member? I see that good manners are not your strong suite!

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good,It's like a knock-off watch, you're better off with a real timex than a fake rolex. Sure you get something that looks the part, but it's missing the craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into crafting the real thing.


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I bought the Eames knockoff from Barcelona Designs (same company as Manhattan Home Design). I regret getting it. It's not nearly as comfortable as the Herman Miller one (my friend has one so I compared). It looks close enough, and sure you might as well keep the ottoman, but it doesn't envelope you in like the real thing. How can I put it - it's not as cushy. Worse yet, the top part of the back rest feels like it's jutting out just a little too much so that your shoulders are pushed forward in an unnatural position. Unfortunately, their return policy makes it quite difficult to return. It ends up costing you so much that you figure you might as well keep the chair and get used to it. It has become more the guest chair now.  If you're going to go with a comfortable knockoff lounge chair, I say get the Stressless for now. It's much more comfortable and way more affordable. Put the amount you'll save towards eventually getting the real Eames. 

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How comfortable is the Eames Lounge Chair for a tall person for an extended time like watching a a football game?
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It's not ideal if you're over 5'10". 

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Has anyone bought the Eames Lounge chair from Eternity Modern?
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Originally Posted by NonChalant321 View Post

It's not ideal if you're over 5'10". 
Thank you NonChalant321. smile.gif
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The hm version comes in two sizes vintage and contemporary.
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