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Eames Lounge Chair copies... worth it?

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I absolutely love the Eames Lounge Chair. But I can't justify $4500+ for a lounge chair yet. I found a copy for around $600 new. Are copies worth it?
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I've handled a few of the replicas and some of them are constructed very well. To someone who knew exactly what to look for, there is a difference, but 95% of people would never notice. Research some of the companies that make the replicas and, if you can, handle one in person. Take the discount imo
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I'm in the middle of furnishing a new place so I've been wrestling with the same dilemma. Like phreak said, a lot of the replicas are really well constructed. If you do your homework you can find reputable makers. After that, it's just a question of whether it bothers you or not to have what some would argue is a "knock-off."
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There are a lot of Barcelona chairs available in Chile. I tried the original today. It is a bit nicer in the back, but the replicas feel pretty much the same, although the leather isn't as nice. Thanks for the input gents.
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Consider that the original chairs (when first conceived) utilized a slightly different manufacturing process than the one today and that the manufacturing process, while it was a novelty when the chair first came out, is totally commonplace nowadays and can be easily replicated by any modern factory anywhere in the world.

When considering a replica, you should be more concerned about leather and base quality than actual construction.
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I have a few knock-offs (Noguchi table) and a few real vintage pieces (Eames lounge, Saarinen tables) and the legit versions bring me much more satisfaction to use, look at and enjoy. I regret buying the knock-offs even though they were cheaper, and don't regret any of the vintage purchases.

Nothing wrong with cheap furniture (have a Target lamp I love, and a few Ikea bits and pieces), but when it's pretending to be an expensive designer piece it feels tacky - like it's just there to impress visitors.

It's like a knock-off watch, you're better off with a real timex than a fake rolex. Sure you get something that looks the part (at least to non-experts), but it's missing the craftsmanship and ingenuity that went into crafting the real thing.
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Good point... I decided against it. The stores that carried them here didn't have them in stock. I decided to go for a nice cream leather set. It fits my apartment well and didn't break the bank. Maybe later I'll buy the real thing.

There are many barcelona chair copies here. They are somewhat comparable, but the leather used is of a much lesser quality. Over time, it will show.
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A little bit late to the party, but as an owner of an authentic Eames Lounge/Ottoman, I thought I could throw in my two cents and advice for those set on a licensed version instead of a reproduction. I picked mine up a few years ago, and even at the time thought the price was fairly ridiculous...

Anyway, if you are set on a new, authentic one, hold off until December or June, which is when Herman Miller has their semi-annual sales. Prices are usually reduced around 15% if I remember correctly. Additionally, depending on where you live, it occurs to me to try to find an authorized dealer without a store presence in your state which might allow you to purchase and have it shipped without sales tax.
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I'd buy a copy... the trick is finding a good quality copy. What do I care if HM makes more bucks on the design of someone long dead?
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What i find ironic about many pricey Eames pieces is that they were designed to be inexpensive. That they never really caught on among anyone but design aficionados has inflated the price.

BTW, the Eames lounge never was supposed to be cheap. It's a lux piece through and through.

Personally I have no problem buying repros, but only if the quality is there. It's hard to imagine a quality Eames lounge repro for $600.
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Another option is to consider a chair of similar style that's not a blatant rip. Plycraft, maker of many an Eames knockoff, produced two pieces by George Mulhauser that might fill the bill. The first is clearly inspired by the Eames lounge but sufficiently different that they can't be confused. Mulhauser's version has a larger headrest, for a Bond villain vibe, and no tufting. Also, the back and headrest are made from a single piece of bent wood, which is pretty nifty. The second is the better known Mr. Chair. You can see them here. They're both relatively common and nice specimens can be had for less than a grand.

Personally, I would not consider a direct rip of an Eames lounge.
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^that is a totally awesome alternative!
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 i was looking into some information for a Eames Lounge chair, the highest quality ones.  I found 2 companies in particular with what seems to be the best materials and claimed craftsmanship.  Has anyone heard of these guys ?


RoveConcepts, they are from Canada and IconicInteriors from UK.  I'm leaning towards RoveConcepts, mostly for the fact its much easier to ship.

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I bought a RoveConcepts Eames replica and had it shipped within Canada to Toronto.

It's not bad. They obviously don't polish all the metalwork to 100% (there are rough spots) and the interior padding feels different vs. a real Eames (firm but not as spongy-pillowy). The aniline leather is great.

Still, it's about 85-90% of the real thing at 20% of the cost.
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Where do by ship it from? Canal Street?

Why a forum obsessed with hand made clothing and Swiss watches wants replica furniture in their houses is a bit beyond me.
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