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Would it be possible to create a sub-forum for each of the multi-thousand page threads?

So Classic Menswear would have subforums for:
  • The official thrift/discount store bragging forum
  • Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread 2016 - News, Pictures, Sizing, Accessories, Clothing, etc
  • Recent purchases
  • etc.

It might be easier to read with 40+ subforums and multiple topics in each one than massive threads that can be tough to wade through.

I'm interested in seeing recent purchases and WAYWRN for example. But a subforum with individual posts which has the purchase as the thread title would make it easier to be selective of what's interesting than to go through page after page.

This is the primary reason I don't spend as much time here as I'd like.
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Not to preach to the igents , but it would be really nice to have a proper forum without explicit and inane ,juvenile and typical idiotic cold humor /words in threads in man style subforum in regard to clothes shoes ect.
As few of us use the forums everywhere, some time for deals, and recommandation or constructive criticism in regards in style/tailoring , the explict words featured in few titles of the threads raise red flags at work due to filters, and elsewhere they just look idotic and off, and even in home they are inedacuate and a bit lets say border retarded, as some of us have families.
Askandyabout clothes has a proffessional forum so do others. It says nothing possitive about the forums from outsider prespective, and it affects also users who also post in market place.
Please have some proffessionalism and consideration and clean some of the explicit titles in the threads. Regards.
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My understanding is that this is more of an after hours lounge / bar type scene here. And like most of the the people here are under 30 give or take, whereask AAAC's average age is like 70, 80, I dunno, just guessing :-)

Basically frat boy meets Wall street versus Monopoly man.
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Found a defect while browsing SF on mobile safari on iOS 10:

When you scroll to the bottom of any given SF page to tap on the mobile vs desktop view toggle, Safari does not render the absolute bottom of the page to show you that toggle. It cuts off at the footer that contains the links for privacy policy, etc.

Screenshot attached.
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Styelforum used to be an extremely helpful resource for travel related questions. However the category of "Travel" has become lost under the banner "Culture". I don't know if many Styleforum members are even aware that it exists.

I found Styleforum to be an extremely helpful source of travel suggestions for many years. I used it to plan many trips to Europe. It was better than rankings on Tripadvisor. But the best, up-to-date information would come from specific threads for travel to the country or city. The exceptions have been when someone did a thread on their sartorial trip to Naples and combined food, hotels and tailors in CM threads as an overview of their experience.

Because Styleforum has a variety of members from around the world, many who travel extensively, the forum can be an excellent source for travel information. However, the quality and variety of the travel related replies would seem to improve if the questions were posted in more targeted threads and not randomly dropped around various subjects.

How about instead of a category titled "CULTURE" change it to "Travel & Leisure"
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One of the negative aspects of the current structure is that almost as a rule, one of the 5 or so megathreads in the Culture forum has most recently been posted to, so if you are looking at the list of all the forums, you rarely see something different for the newest posted-to thread for that forum. Not very effective in pulling people in.


SW&D seems to get a lot of US dining thoughts,but I tend to imagine I won't easily find them the next time I am in NYC.


It is pretty serendipitous that Gus is making some noise on this - it looks like I may find myself back in APAC soon.

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@LA Guy any chance we can get Culture changed to Travel & Leisure as a more active heading?
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Originally Posted by GusW View Post

@LA Guy any chance we can get Culture changed to Travel & Leisure as a more active heading?

Maybe. We are planning on changing a few things around, so that might be a possibility. I agree that it sounds much more dynamic.


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Thanks @LA Guy for considering this. Aside from clothing, I found travel related topics to be the most helpful and inspiring. I took many side trips and enjoyed a lot of restaurants and retailers due to recommendations from Styleforum members. It would be great to see travel, once again, more of an active topic on the forum.
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I concur with the above point there and have noticed it too... I used to frequently click on 'new posts' but found it was constantly showing me huge threads about some designer/affiliate or something so now I pretty much only look at my subscriptions. It's been literally years since I opened up a subforum and looked for new threads.

Here's what I figure. If it's a massive pinned discussion, or an affiliate thread, etc, there's so much activity there that it should be pulled out of the regular 'new posts' search shortcut (if possible) because if you're interested in that subject then you'll find it by browsing through the forum and subforums and wouldn't have missed it. But conversely, if you already know about it or are subscribed to it (or as I'm suggesting ignore it), then it's annoying becuase it keeps clogging up the feed. When I click 'new posts', what I really want to see are new threads, or small threads that have been recently bumped etc.
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Is there a way to keep video messages from playing? There are Sears and Samsung commercials playing over and over. They play even after changing to different threads. They continue to play while I am typing this.
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Originally Posted by GusW View Post

Is there a way to keep video messages from playing? There are Sears and Samsung commercials playing over and over. They play even after changing to different threads. They continue to play while I am typing this.

I have been experiencing this as well. It seems like it doesn't happen for a few months and then a bunch of auto-play videos (with sound) show up on the ad bars.
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