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Would it be possible to create a sub-forum for each of the multi-thousand page threads?

So Classic Menswear would have subforums for:
  • The official thrift/discount store bragging forum
  • Allen Edmonds Appreciation Thread 2016 - News, Pictures, Sizing, Accessories, Clothing, etc
  • Recent purchases
  • etc.

It might be easier to read with 40+ subforums and multiple topics in each one than massive threads that can be tough to wade through.

I'm interested in seeing recent purchases and WAYWRN for example. But a subforum with individual posts which has the purchase as the thread title would make it easier to be selective of what's interesting than to go through page after page.

This is the primary reason I don't spend as much time here as I'd like.
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Not to preach to the igents , but it would be really nice to have a proper forum without explicit and inane ,juvenile and typical idiotic cold humor /words in threads in man style subforum in regard to clothes shoes ect.
As few of us use the forums everywhere, some time for deals, and recommandation or constructive criticism in regards in style/tailoring , the explict words featured in few titles of the threads raise red flags at work due to filters, and elsewhere they just look idotic and off, and even in home they are inedacuate and a bit lets say border retarded, as some of us have families.
Askandyabout clothes has a proffessional forum so do others. It says nothing possitive about the forums from outsider prespective, and it affects also users who also post in market place.
Please have some proffessionalism and consideration and clean some of the explicit titles in the threads. Regards.
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My understanding is that this is more of an after hours lounge / bar type scene here. And like most of the the people here are under 30 give or take, whereask AAAC's average age is like 70, 80, I dunno, just guessing :-)

Basically frat boy meets Wall street versus Monopoly man.
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Found a defect while browsing SF on mobile safari on iOS 10:

When you scroll to the bottom of any given SF page to tap on the mobile vs desktop view toggle, Safari does not render the absolute bottom of the page to show you that toggle. It cuts off at the footer that contains the links for privacy policy, etc.

Screenshot attached.
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