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I guess my post might have been mistakenly deleted from the thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/175691/finally-an-official-baller-sneaker-thread-300-minimum


I spent some time writing that post. Could you at least send it back to me in a PM so my work is not lost at least. Thanks.


By the way what might have triggered deleting my post?

- I first mentioned a French brand of sneakers and you mistaken me of their agent?

- I mentioned a style blog of value and it is just a conflict of interest to post of any valuable resource which is outside of Styleforum?


Pls. enlighten me. I appreciate you.

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Can a wiki post mod be added for each thread? It would be nice to have FAQs and info in there for the long threads where it might be quite difficult to dig out info that someone might need. It would also stop alot of repeat questions. Each wiki would be community editable. See link for example.
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I'd suggest everyone to try and help improve B&S by contributing to this thread:

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Ok, this is my first time posting on here so please be gentle. smile.gif I would like to see the forums split into different categories, shoes, shirts, pants, suits, etc. If I was looking for specific info, it would make it easier to find what I'm
looking for or browsing on a subject. I realize this might be a simplistic approach, but maybe a general category with sub categories would work. Just a thought.
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I've always thought there should be a bespoke-only section, or just some kind of section for the true connoisseurs. I feel that the really useful information about tailoring and menswear is buried deep in a clutch of threads in CM, drowned out buy the thousands of threads along the lines of "How to dress for IB" and "Best suit for $1000". I think it would benefit everyone a lot if all of the expertise of bespoke clients were concentrated in one section or subsection.
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hello hello, is this thing on?

Couple of questions/points

1. Would it make sense to make a new subforum specifically to group these ginormous affiliate store/site or brand discussion threads into one place instead of having them basically act like stickies by cloging up all the front page discussion? Could merge all of them regardless of their MC or SW&D origins.

2. I'm sick and tired of having PM discussions with prospective buyers and we get most of the way through a deal and suddenly radio silence. And I can see they're online and posting, but suddenly ignore my follow up messages. I'm dead serious here, I want to be able to leave them negative feedback and punish this sort of behaviour. I'm being nice by even asking for permission here to do it but if there's no response I'm very tempted to just go ahead and do it anyway. I have like 10-15 people who we're at the point of talking about what they want to buy, I've sent over my paypal info or made a place and time to meet, or they've given me contact information, etc and suddenly no response to emails, texts, calls, PM's, etc.
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