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Tough to match this tie

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While in London, my girlfriend was kind enough buy me a beautiful Gucci tie at Harrod's. The problem is that this tie is going to be really tough to match with anything i own. The tie is a monocromatic dark navy blue, with horizontal stitch, like in a rep tie. I have a nayv blue suit and a slim black suit, either of which i don't think will go with the tie. Even if I buy a charcoal suit, i doubt the tie will go even with that. Any suggestions?
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cream or tan suit?
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A dove-gray suit would probably work, too. That said - a navy suit and a navy tie can look pretty striking, if you're wearing a shirt with an interesting color or pattern. A solid lilac shirt, maybe, or if you're feeling more adventurous, say... purple-and-white butcher stripe, big gingham checks in french blue or red, or maybe a colored shirt with white collar and cuffs - purple, pink or yellow checks (seriously). I doubt any of these would fly in an American business environment, of course (I'm Australian), but if you're going out for a night on the town, why not? Cheers, Nick. PS. I'm new to the board. Hi, everyone.
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When I'm trying to look like the other beaurocrats around me I use a tie like this with a patterned shirt and navy blazer. This is often the only way to wear my patterned shirts with out the tie clashing. Bjorn
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