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Opinion on this suit

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I'm on the lookout for a new suit. I was recentlty in a local clothing store and tried this suit on.


It's a swedish brand, and very commen here in scandinavia.


It had a perfect fit on me imo.


I was just wondering about the color. It is not the traditional navy blue.

It is a lighter color, called cloud blue.


Do you think this is a color that can be used as formal wear and work as opposed to a night out on the town ?



This is my first post, so please correct me if this is not the kind of post that is the standard of this forum. Also excuse my

english for noe being the best.



Thank you for your time and advice!


Best regards !





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Definitely not formal wear. I could see it at work, depending on your business.
It looks weirdly shiny, but that must be the picture.
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Should be fine at work unless everybody is required to wear navy blue or charcoal. Certainly not less formal than a light grey suit.
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The color is too light to be 'formal wear' for any occasion after dark.

The fabric looks pretty shiny - which would make it inappropriate for conservative business situations.

The hacking pockets (slanted) are fairly common in the UK but not so much elsewhere. Don't know what the response would be to them in your location - but you should look around and see if you see them on many other people in your city.

The double button hole in the lapel is a fashion gimmick.

I can't think of any place to wear this suit other than social occasions such as cocktail parties, gallery openings, semi dressy dinners etc. etc.
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I would say it is not too formal to be worn in a bisnuess environment. With the right shirt and tie it could work very nicely in an office setting.
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I had a tiger suit that I got on a discount a while back. It didnt hold up well at all. Very cheaply made imo.
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Not too light for business IMO.
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