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They made good shoes at decent price.

Thanks Alex!

Do you know why Yoox would sell them for more than they sell for on their own website?
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I don't know, Yoox prices could be really strange,, sometimes very low, sometimes really high compared to original price.
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Preview sale link: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Add PREVIEW for another 10% off
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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post

I was a little surprised too by how forcefully he voiced the opinion.
There's a fair amount of chatter on Italian message boards about the quality and value of Il Gergo (which apparently translates as "the jargon"). There was a rumor that they were manufacturing for Church's, but the consensus seems to be that they just produce very similar styles and that the quality is good.
Here's an Italian message board discussing the brand and comparing it to other shoes (you may have to run it through Google translate):
"io, le gergo, le compro on line da circa un paio d'anni, ne ho diverse e tutte di ottima fattura.

I can understand the italian - that guy is one satisfied Il Gergo customer


Generally speaking regarding the churchs issue, in the UK I have still not seen a traditional churchs shoe that does not say made in england, but there is a lot of fashion plastic-like crap with the churchs label being sold. Plus the stuff with spikes, with all kinds of 'special effects', etc


I found myself dumbfounded a couple of months ago when visiting the churchs factory shop in northampton (UK) -where the traditional shoes are made- as they had some plastic (really) churchs shoes for sale. I cant be sure but i doubt  this crap is made there, I assume that instead it is shipped in to be bought by the naive people doing the northampton factory shop tourist circuit,

but who knows


anyway churchs is clearly moving further and further into the designer brand camp and i wonder how long will they maintain their traditional operations in the UK

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Originally Posted by dinowhite View Post

I don't know your tastes or your buying opportunities, and I have not seen these shoes in person
But from where I stand paying 200 euros for what I see in the pics , are Goodyear welted shoes  and made in italy is not anywhere close to borderline criminal

I am curious as to why you are so adamant about it being such a bad deal. Do you care to elaborate?

The reason is obvious: these are shoes for a high-school grads looking for their first internship. They are plasticy, cheap-looking shoes with ugly heels and toe spring. They are poorly made, which is evident even from their "model" photos and they are overpriced for what they are. The fact that corrected grain uppers attached to crappy soles by Goodyear machine does not make em any better. Do yourself a fav., don't buy them.
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They look terrible.
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They raised their price, a couple of years ago price were around 160/180 euro for goodyear welted.
Some models are ugly I agree details look cheap, others models are good.
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no code just a peek into the Yoox warehouse in Italy

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Wow! I knew they had a large inventory but I was not expecting that.
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I am disappointed in the one employee's attire.
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holy shet wish I am yoox VIP so i can go their warehouse to try everything lol
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That actually looks very cool.
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The image is from the New Yorker about a month ago. They had a fascinating article on Yoox and its president.
You should at least attribute your source...

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