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Originally Posted by robxznyc View Post

 from what I've seen in the last couple of years clearance items are all final sale. Yoox usually rotates the clearance section twice a year to move the off-season items off of the main sale section and also serve the purpose of price retention. When Yoox begins winter sales later this year many items in clearance will be moved back and become returnable. 

Another tip relevant in the US: Jet.com has access to certain inventory on Yoox. Right now it reflects the clearance section. Coupons on Jet.com are applicable to all these clearance items, plus if you opt for waive return you get additional discount. It's standard Yoox package with return label. So I suppose if you order from jet.com you can return them and depending on whether you chose to waive return you might pay a small fee. 

Interesting, so items are constantly moved in and out of clearance. I wonder how many seasons old the item I'm looking at is. It's too bad about the final sale policy, there are quite a few items I like but unwilling to buy due to sizing concerns. I'll take a look at jet.com but I'm in Canada so I don't know if I can use it.
Do clearance items ever get further markdowns, or only 20% off codes?
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@Froosh by off-season I mean many winter season clothes were moved to clearance and later this year they will be moved back, regardless of their age. Once they are back to the main sale section those not heavily discounted items will be marked down again. Only when changing seasons there will be a big amount of shifting or during some promotions I've seen small number of items moved back and forth. Some codes worked for clearance but very rarely. Yoox anniversary is in late June if I remember correctly and its promotions have been very generous in the past. I forgot if clearance was eligible though. 

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Originally Posted by robxznyc View Post

 Please PM me if you have an issue that I addressed you in my note as it's off topic. The forum is a place for a free flowing exchange of ideas and I don't appreciate hostile and passive aggressive comments made towards me. I addressed you as I doubt about a blowout sale on theCorner that you speculated upon its closing, and to indicate other readers that my comment referred to your statement. It's an etiquette I consider appropriate and respectful. 

Why would I PM you? My response is no more off topic than the paragraph that you initially wrote to me to which I responded. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. I was neither passive aggressive nor hostile. Just factual.

I stand by what I said: you duplicated my own response back to me as if you were giving me new information. But here's the thing - you didn't. I already said all of that.

All that being said, I was told on good authority TheCorner sale should progress as usual (up to 80% off for some brands - no more than 50% off on brands like Dries).

Shoescribe (another YNAP site) will also close. Admittedly, that is a bit "off topic" and irrelevant as that site only sales women's shoes to the best of my knowledge. Although for those of you who may wear women's shoes from time to time I assure you that no disrespect is intended. Do you.
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So on Yoox, many of the items are listed in Italian sizes. Most size charts seem to go by the -10 rule (IT 54 = US 44) but I've also read that IT 54 is half the chest size in cm, so 108 cm = 42.5" or approximately a US 42 to US 43. That's quite a bit of difference between the two methods, so which is correct?
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40 IT = 44 FR = 34 US

42 IT = 46 FR = 36 US


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Originally Posted by Melbush View Post

40 IT = 44 FR = 34 US
42 IT = 46 FR = 36 US


Their conversion is -10/+10 as stated

However it means anything, the only important thing to check is:

"The size indicated on the product label is...."
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Originally Posted by Melbush View Post

40 IT = 44 FR = 34 US

42 IT = 46 FR = 36 US



^^^^ Dangerously wrong, bad information. 


50 IT = 40 US. 

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Messed up with FR and IT:

40 FR = 44 IT,sorry 

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Originally Posted by StockwellDay View Post

^^^^ Dangerously wrong, bad information. 

50 IT = 40 US. 

Using both the -10 or the 1/2 chest methods give that size, but as the sizes get bigger they deviate more. Referring to this thread here: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?48883-European-suit-sizing
Still not sure which is the right way.
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Originally Posted by robxznyc View Post

I've observed and participated in this conversation since the beginning when a member suggested that we demand "new" items eligible for promotion and teach Yoox a lesson by a boycott. Without further dwelling on the discussion about Yoox pricing based on speculations and opinions subjective to individual perceptions, I wanted to remind the readers that:
  • the price at which a product is sold reflects the dynamic between supply and demand (@Understatement
     Yoox neither attempted nor could fool us, except fools) 
  • however, the demand within Yoox's economy only represents a fraction of the total demand, which gives rise to good deals
  • good deals attribute to information asymmetry among demands and their inconsistent perceptions of value (@Understatement
     maybe we all know what good prices are, but your good price is not necessarily another's good price)
  • Yoox as a business is responsible to not only fulfill its customers' demands today, but also obtain healthy profit to meet its investor's return requirement, provide its employees good compensation, offer brands needed cash flows, and reinvent itself to create more value in the long term
  • Yoox's promotion strategy may offend some customers but it doesn't affect Yoox's value to others

With all that said Yoox has become a gigantic player and its strategy will have impactful consequences in both new season and off season's market, making competition insignificant. When Yoox is the only place where certain demands can be fulfilled, within the context of the demands Yoox has become the monopoly. 

 since Yoox owns theCorner, offering a closing sale seems unnecessary. Presumably Yoox will move the unsold products from theCorner quietly onto Yoox, priced higher than the potential bottom sale price.

Comparing to womenswear, menswear designs and styles are much less subjected to trends. When you often hear brand's designs reflect timeless, seasonless, classic styles, unaffected by trends, buying past season's clothes at a huge discount reflects men's cognitive styles. I think Yoox particularly appeals to fashion conscious men who are looking for tools to help them accomplish stylistic goals.  A study by Wharton marketing professor Stephan Hock, titled "Men Buy, Women Shop" is smart and telling. It suggests:
  • Why shop online: men are more oriented toward impersonal or individualistic goals
    , more task-oriented and focus on how well they are able to accomplish a task and find what they are looking for
  • Website types: men care more about functionality and are more likely to use a website as a tool
  • Attention: men tend to be more impulsive
     shoppers, care less for details

I think Yoox has gained a large loyal customer base because its price and product assortment are in a class of its own, which has a value that Yoox hasn't identified yet. I have an idea that's unprecedented for Yoox to capture this value while benefiting its members. stirpot.gif

Lastly, as the thread is about Yoox code I'll offer a couple of tips (relevant in the US) if you didn't already know:
  • never need to pay for regular shipping. When you can't meet the minimum spending requirement for free shipping, you could share any product image to your hidden pinterest board to get a free shipping code
  • retailmenot.com is a reliable resource for working promo codes. When Yoox is not offering any promotion sometimes RMN has exclusive codes. It also reveals information most people don't notice, which is the end date for free shipping and site wide promotions (the start date of the next round of promotion, e.g. from 40% to 50% off). The end dates are provided by Yoox employees and I find them usually accurate over a period of 2 years

too long to read, are u working for yoox or what? in my opinion u try to misinfo people by justifying yoox actions for whatever reason. anyway back to topic
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US: Yoox has recently ended the sharing products through social media sites for a free shipping code program. Here's non-account specific code expiring May 28 for 15% off+free shipping, no minimum purchase required.  "BLSTYLE"



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Any current promo code for YOOX? All the previous ones seem expired. I'm in Canada though.

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Selected items are 50% off through 6/5. The discount percentage is a bit misleading in that the prices for those previously marked-down items were changed back to their original price, and then discounted 50%, but there are some genuinely good deals to be had.
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If anyone was looking to pick up the Aspesi double breasted corduroy jacket that was on Frans Boone last season, it seems a set of them have dropped on Yoox here: http://www.yoox.com/us/41643864UR/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=41643864UR&sizeId=

I'm passing it along because they were about 2x as much on FB; I think I got lucky with mine as it was their near last one on like 60% off. It's a hands down fantastic jacket - it's like a double breasted barn coat. The corduroy is lush and soft and it's quilted inside and lined with Thermore. Yoox has it in both Brown and Navy, I think FB only had the brown. I could almost snag the navy too too except it's a bit too distinctive of a coat to have it in 2 colors.

It seems the FB listing is long gone, but here's a Rakuten listing for the same jacket with more pics than Yoox: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/nakagawa1948/item/ac01-b826-10-386/?s-id=borderless_recommend_item_en
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