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Agreed. Even for items under $100 I almost always regret buying final sale items. I just checked Caruso items for example, and none seem to be listed as "final sale" so I would be interested to know if there is a pattern beginning with specific items/brands/designers on Yoox. I could see more of this happening with Yoox over the next year. In fact, I've been surprised they haven't instituted this policy more often on heavily discounted items. I know their sample sale usually has that policy, but I could see this popping up more often before that sale. Yoox has been incredibly generous over the years with their return polices and just about everything overall. I imagine that was to offset minor damage to items (i.e. I've bought sweaters that look to have been on hangers!?) and their poor photos, description. I don't think that will change much considering the volume of items, but good things have a way of coming to end. Hopefully not in the case of Yoox.  

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1) get an amex
2) order final sale item
3) don't like it
4) amex return protection
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Originally Posted by JohnGalt View Post

1) get an amex
2) order final sale item
3) don't like it
4) amex return protection
does this actually work? if so, yoox will stop accepting amex on final sale, or all together.
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That seems like an unsustainable solution and if there were ever grounds to have the aforementioned "ban" I would say this qualifies for that. 

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If you do a chargeback Yoox will ban you. They instituted that policy because they are tired of internet wardrobers who do nothing but buy and return or switch with other similar items. Barneys Warehouse has the same policy and countless others and they do just fine.


I'm happy they don't take returns anymore, I wish RL would follow suit and others. Buyers are becoming too privileged with liberal return policy on clothing that is sold already at huge discounts. They buy, wear, return and cost companies countless money because then it's used, damaged, odors, counterfeit and further past season and ends up in the hands of the unsuspecting or at an outlet store for a huge loss. 

Women are the most abusive of returns, since they need a new skimpy dress for Saturday night and are never seen wearing the same dress twice...

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I don't think amex return affects yoox. You ship the item to amex if at all. Amex foots the loss.
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This new unreturnable policy on full priced items cannot last. It will eat into their orders and this is a public company that needs revenue growth.
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All of these issues just keep me away, such a pain in the ass to search, etc. The site volume would double or triple, if it was half as good as most other online stores.

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Consider that the "final sale" thing is valid only for the USA market as far as I know.

Probably it depends from the fact the items sent from Italy to USA, and next returned from customers, never returns in stock worldwide but remains available only on USA website from the american wharehouse.

By the way, don't take returns at all in this way, doesn't sound like a good decision...but they know what's its better for them for sure.
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True, however I do believe that Yoox will adopt the Barney's Warehouse style policy soon. I could see Yoox moving toward final sale items at any price and doing flash sales of 40% or 50% off. I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see Yoox test this method soon instead of doing their incremental drops with additional percentage off. Yoox could utilize their "superstar" status for qualified buyers (long time spenders, etc) and instead of giving those individuals a little extra off, give allow them to have short term 7 day returns and only for Yoox credit. It wouldn't be advertised on the site as it is now, but for seasoned buyers and account holders, something sent via private message at certain points in the year. For example; I have a jacket in my dream box now for $325.00 and I know the brand and I'm probably going to pick it up at some point. If Yoox were to offer a 40% or 50% off sale (final sale) and allowed a buyer like myself a 7 day review period (return) for only store credit, I would likely make the purchase despite not having great results in the past with final sale. $160.00 for an item that at one point had a retail of $795 is ok for me. I would be ok with having a couple hundred dollars in a Yoox account to mess around with and if they give seasoned buyers a 7 day review period for Yoox credit I could just use that over a period of time until something works. For someone like me it pretty much eliminates large purchases of $500 or more, but I am sure there will be other buyers to fill in that role. 


What I know for sure is that Yoox has been incredibly generous over time and I just can't see how their current model will remain sustainable, unless of course, they are buying many of these items for pennies on the dollar. If they were for example buying 3 dozen Z Zegna suits (assorted sizes) for $5k, their margins would be fairly good even factoring in that half a dozen of those suits would be junked due to return damage, etc. Having read an article in the past about Yoox, I am unsure where they source their merchandise. My understanding is that much of it is direct from the manufacturer, but I do believe that items from boutiques (such as those on Farfetch) will wind up on Yoox too. I've always wondered if Yoox is a facilitator (middleman) or a buyer themselves and just flipping the items. Yoox has recently offered far too many promotions. To the point where its hard to keep track of them. It's also gotten to the point where buyers are likely prolonging purchases for further reductions, when at the end of the day, for most items, the difference in savings is nominal for buyer. I bought a sport coat last season for $225 already discounted by 50% and nearly 3 months later towards their 75% or 90% sale the item (in another size) was only about $70 cheaper. Not really much of an extra savings considering the amount of time. Yoox could close that gap, liquidate more items and increase cash flow by likely moving items sooner in the season. 

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One thing that has always bugged me about Yoox is not having a filter for 2 button or 3 button sport coats. I've had to go through pages of 3 button jackets just to view a dozen or so 2 button jackets. 

As for other sites, I disagree. Yeah, Yoox is pretty bare bones, but at least they have some info. Barney's Warehouse online is terrible and take Gilt for example; I never buy from them. I have purchase 3 items total from that site over the last 2 years and all three items were returned. They seem to get some of worst inventory in this market. Gilt in my opinion is the worst of them all. Gilt is 95% marketing and 5% quality product. 

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