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Current gems on ebay...

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thought i had better share these finds with the group. mostly, because we're getting a new car, and if i buy anymore tailored clothing, my wife is making us go to marriage counseling.. for the true clotheshorses, check these out: that last item is killing me....KILLING ME....not to buy it......
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Foxx, Sorry to rain on your (Borelli) parade, but have you had a closer look at the back view of the pants? The stripes don't match up with each other. Vertical stripes must hit each other dead centre: Here they are about ¼" out. That is a sign of a hand cut suit (just two layers of fabric, cut with shears) as opposed to a batch cut (many layers and cut with an electric tool, where something can shift). Almost all (apart from the very cheapest) makers pay attention to the match at the centre seam of the jacket, the stripes at the butt should match equally. Sorry, to be so pedantic, but I suppose at that price you should expect a properly hand made suit and the nearest thing to perfection.
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For an idea of how/why these suits can be so inexpensive, check out this article from an upscale discount clothier in my area: If it looks like Borelli, smells like Borelli, and feels like Borelli, it's probably Borelli, just maybe the end of a batch or something
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actually, i was looking at the trousers....if you're referring to the stripes at the seams, i think they don't match up because the trousers have been altered once.....most likely, altho the suit is billed as new, they have been tailored and returned. looking at the rest of the stripes, they seem to match up well.....what do you think?
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Foxx , it is quite possible that the suit has been altered. It just struck me, seeing the photograph. I thought, I'd point it out, particular for the benefit of readers who have never paid any attention to pattern matching. (I didn't intend to bitch about "your" suit.)
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Hey Guys, OMHO The two suits don't tickle my fancy like the Hermes golf shirt.  I just think it looks really cool. Do department stores sell them? Or do they have a URL that is easier to get into and move around in than a moral date on prom night. Thanks guys, Parsons
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Thread Starter, offense taken here... value your expertise, actually. i follow your posts for the knowledge you provide. i was just thinking, as you mentioned, the pattern on the seams didn't match up parallel, figured probably due to prior alterations. as for the hermes shirt, suggest somone snap it up. that, or an authentic lacoste shirt. you lucky b@stards get to enjoy summer, madras and seersucker, while i am stuck overseas until fall..
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