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Or a better analogy: No one would really care whether fetuses are alive if people weren't killing millions of them every year.
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Horns, I'm surprised by your position. I'd think you'd have more of a personal stake in the eugenics issue than most...
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I've got fantastic hybrid vigor.
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So glad this show is getting remade. I have always thought the original Cosmos series was underrated and deserved more credit... Now more than ever we need something like this... Unfortunately I haven't had time to even catch one episode, but that will change this weekend! I haven't been this excited about TV in a loooooong time.

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What's up with all the commercial breaks on last night's episode? mad.gif
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One for every fetus killed yesterday
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I've only watched the first 2 episodes so far but they seem well done. It's all pretty basic science, so I think anybody with a BSc or higher probably knows all of this stuff already. Even then, it's presented in such a way that it's still entertaining imo

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In the fourth episode they mention John Michell, "one of the greatest scientists you've never heard of." He's portrayed as a black African. I thought, I bet he's got an interesting story. Wonder why we've never heard of him. Surely if he was black, we would have...

Then Tyson admits there's no portrait then says he was described as having a "black complexion." Which anyone and everyone knows, in the 18th century, just meant you were a white person with a dark complexion. And of course google confirms that there's not the slightest reason to think Michell, an Englishman, was actually an African.

You've got to be kidding me. They would not make these admissions unless they knew the things they were portraying were untrue. How can you believe anything else Tyson says?
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This should make you happy, Ataturk.

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I quit watching the show. Didn't finish either the third or the fourth episodes. In addition to what I complained about above, it's just boring. And that's too much.
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You're not wrong that it's boring.
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So there's a mini-controversy about Tyson's apparent habit of making up quotes so he can call them stupid. The most egregious example is his attributing to Bush a claim that "our God named the stars" after 9/11 to disparage Muslims. Then Tyson says, actually, most stars' names are from Arabic. But even that isn't true unless you're talking about hundreds of years ago.
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