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Brand Name Clothing

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Hi, I am a student in Norway.


I and some friends will start a clothing business similar to DC, Vans, Burton, Volcom, Billabong, Quicksilver...

Everything is ready and we're vry excited, but we can't come to a name for the business.


We want a cool, but simple and short name that can be alone on t-shirts and sweathers.


I'd love for suggestions, since we are all empty of ideas. We got a lot of ideas, but none worth using.



- T-shirts

- shirts

- shorts

- sweaters

- caps



- Summer, motorsports and surfing


Our name suggestions:


- B.Konig = The idea come from B in english is be and konig is german and means king.

- RippOff = Cool name, but can be taken the wrong way, therefor promoting will be crusial, we will incase we use this promote the company by saying it's a rippoff and then making it not to.

- B.Real

- NBD = Never Back Down

- Studio 1

- Max Wild = To the max and wild as in unique, and there we got a cool brand name, but seems more like a deoderant :L

- 1Street

- 1993 = Since we're all born in 1993

- LeRive = Cool, but maybe a more luxurious name for clothes like raulph lauren (polo) and volt...


Please help us and through out all your suggestions, don't mind if it's allready taken. It might give us inspiration.


Thank you all  for helping us!

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Reminds me of a project I started in college - lot's of work, lot's of fun, and eventually helped pay the bills!  


These days it's important to consider the domain name, and possibly even Facebook page, availability as you come up with company names.  That would probably boot things like 1993, Studio 1, etc. 


Other than that, just pick something that's easy for people to remember (both to say and to spell) and get behind that.  Think about brands like Nordstrom - at the time it had no meaning whatsoever (it was the founder - Johan's [John] first name) but they have managed to build a very good brand behind it.  Good luck!

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