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Allen Edmonds Shoe Care

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I know there are a bunch of threads on shoe care, but they all seem pretty long and have TOO much information if such a thing. I was thinking of getting AE brush, shoe polish, and conditioner/cleaner



Everybody always talks about Saphir. What would I need from here for a pair of black cap toes? Just these two?

Or something else?

As you can tell, I don't know anything about shoe care (already use Shoe trees), so all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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bump bump
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Just stick with the AE stuff you mentioned. I don't think Saphir will be worth the premium to you.
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Forgot to mention, won't be using these on Vass, Lobb, etc... more like AE, Brooks Bros, etc...

So stick to the AE brand?
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I have been happy with AE polish, cleaner/conditioner, brushes, and polishing cloths.

I think they will work well for you.

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You only need the conditioner/cleaner, brush, and premium shoe polish (which is actually cream). I'm not sure what the "shoe cream" is. Instead of the cloth, you can use any old cloth or tshirt you have.
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You only need the cloth if you want to buff your shoes to a high shine. Shoe cream is useful if you don't have any nicks/scrapes in the leather, but the wax polish will fill nicks in better and will lead to a higher shine.

Saphir products have a higher concentration of dye in them, but since you are polishing black captoes, I doubt you would reap the benefits of a Saphir cream/wax. I would recommend getting Saphir Renovateur, a cleaner/conditioner, to use every few months to revitalize the shoes.
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IIRC, the AE premium polish in a tube is a cream/wax combo, so you probably don't need the shoe cream. I would get the shine cloth, especially for black shoes. Don't forget a shoe horn (plastic or metal is fine) and a set of cedar shoe trees.
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