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Authentic Prada shoe boxes?

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Hey guys,


I'm looking to purchase a pair of Prada shoes on Ebay. Some of them come with shoe boxes (in gray/silver) with the Prada logo (in the classic red stripe) on the top lid.


I've never seen Prada shoe boxes with the logo on the top lid. But, it's been a while since I bought Prada shoes, so I'm wondering, if this is new, or if this means the shoes are fake.



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lol@ "classic stripe" Linea Rossa is a joke

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I don't know, who buys Prada shoes?
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I have never bought Linea Rossa shoes, but near as I recall Prada boxes are black with a silver logo (fancy script,emblem) on the top of the box.
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I would not rely on the box since you could always pair a genuine box with fake shoes.
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i would just buy better shoes. read the forum. crockett & jones are excellent quality and none too expensive online
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Wow, so many useful answers........

Yes, there are authentic Prada shoes that come in those boxes in recent years. Most of their sportier shoes/sneakers should come in that type of box.
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