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Thank you for the Bluetech post; was wondering if PsyDM music was too strong for this thread but here you've gone and posted two solid tracks; well done. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I've enjoyed nearly every one of Bluetech's albums and he has proved himself surprisingly consistent with each release; very prolific too, as he also releases material under Evan Bartholomew. I love the guys who are classically trained musicians that break off into experimental realms and Evan is no exception. I haven't had a chance to check out his new one yet though.

Good old Shpongle too. Haven't really listened to them much since the late 90's but it sounds like they haven't lost too much of their form. Actually got to meet both Simon And Raja at a party years and years ago; weird, weird dudes but nice. smile.gif

Great posts.
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Originally Posted by burningbright View Post

It's like you didn't even listen to any of the tracks in my post. cry.gif

I wouldn't classify any of them as hip-hop...more chill-hop, if there is such a genre. There aren't even any vocals, really, more just chopped snippets and whatnot.

you caught

after giving them a listen i retract my statement...I just want somebody coming in and posting come mellow ja rule track and calling it chill

anyway for today:

Red Bhudda - Evening Celebration

edit: fucking embedding system sucks in this place
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Here's a real beauty and a track I like to fall asleep to at night. Actually the entire album gets played but I really like this one in particular. The ticking of the clock through the track's entirety, the droning sound of airliners flying overhead, the chord progression, intermittent melody and use of warm, lush pads; all working beautifully together for 14+ minutes of bliss.

Rarer than rocking horse shit when first released in 1994, this album, simply entitled 76:14 (the entire duration of the album) has withstood the test of time. When loads of EP's and LP's were flooding the ambient music scene during the mid-90's, this one slipped under the radar and didn't gain traction until years after its release. Now, many consider it to be one of the most influential ambient albums of all time. I highly recommend tracking it down.

Anyway here's the track. G'night SF'ers, sleep well, and dream of large women:

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I haven't followed this thread at all but I've just started listening to Washed Out. I'll check out some of the other stuff here at the ofice tomorrow
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some bossa nova today

Llorca - Indigo Blues

another classic

somebody needs to fix this damn embed system
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my favorite LNA song for today, not just for the sound, but the lyrics also...pretty much describes my entire love life..lulz

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I highly suggest you all to check out Cloud's other tracks...sift through the related videos

Summer Rain
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liquid dnb is the new ambient
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Originally Posted by aphextwin07 View Post

liquid dnb is the new ambient

alright thanks for the contribution

not sure if I posted this one yet

Mylo - Sunworshipper
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haha ^

alright, contributing:

slower tempo than most liquid dnb since it's an acquired taste and i dont wanna scare anyone off right away. great late night track either way.

and if you don't like that this one's a lil more on topic (best listened to late night, of course):
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^ Good posts but this strikes me more as "the new downtempo" than ambient. At least from listening to these two tracks, the sound of liquid dnb has strong downtempo elements only at twice the BPM.

Ambient is much more organic and unstructured, IMO.

Still, good posts. What are some good liquid dnb labels (or is the genre still emerging) to check out? My brother has been spinning DnB for about 12 years (or as I like to call it, pots and pans - he hates that) but I'm not sure if he's into this sub-genre or not so label suggestions would be welcome. Not sure he would like it though because it doesn't sound very mixable (no straight up beat intros and outros to mix in and out of are a DJ's worst enemy).
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^ yeah just that first track is more or less loosely considered liquid DnB, but the tempo is a lot slower than most liquid tracks... I just posted that one cuz it's more accessible than most liquid as it's sort of a niche genre/acquired taste. you're right the second track is more downtempo than ambient, I posted it to to try and keep on topic as it's a pretty good chillout tune but by no means liquid. the liquid DnB scene is big in London as the UK is basically a pioneer as far as electro in general is concerned. but what you'll wanna check out is Hospital Records... essentially the one label you'll wanna look at for the best liquid DnB... they have an epic lineup of legendary producers... there are a ton of other good liquid DnB artists out there but Hospital dominates the scene... London Elektricity, Netsky, High Contrast, Logistics, Danny Byrd, etc...

anyway, I don't wanna derail this thread too much as it's focus is ambient, but here are a couple true liquid tracks that are really good:

MRSA is a side project of a techno producer under another moniker (Matt Zo), but his liquid is better than anything else he puts out as every one of his tracks is incredible. Starts out a lil boring but after 1:10 or so it really takes off:

This one's a gem, rarity in that it's a US producer (well technically they relocated here from UK I think). :

old school liquid track:

This guy is unsigned as far as I know, which is incredible because the track is so great. again a lot slower tempo than most liquid but this is one of my favorite tracks... the piano sampling later in the track is out of this world!:

and finally a track everyone should be familiar with, I think this remix is far better than the original:

anyway, hopefully you guys might hear something you like, I think this genre is the most uplifting music there is period... so glad to have discovered it as it's truly life changing as far as I'm concerned. I suppose it could loosely be described as chillout since the influence is clearly ambient, it just takes the best of both worlds (ambient + dnb) to produce something really unique.
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Since this thread has changed quit a bit I will post relaxed electonic songs.

Portishead - Roads

Röyksopp - Eple

Massive Attack - Teardrop

Caribou- Melody Day (Four Tet Remix)

Agoria - Les Violons Ivres (Super Remix)

Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits
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adding a trance track today

Alpha 9 - Bliss
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Alex Cortiz - My Favorite Moment

good sunday music
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