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Inseam length

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I have a feeling this has been asked before. But where should your pants fall? Should it just be a slight break or no break at all. I'm short as it is only around 5'7 and if I hemmed my inseams where there was no break it would be like 26 inches or less. I have short thick legs. My question is are there certain guidelines on how pants should fit in length.
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Anywhere from no break to a very moderate single break. That is purely preferential, though with your build, no break is ideal. This also depends on the type of pant you are wearing. If you are wearing something full, having no break and or cuffs is going to look ridiculous. Conversely, if you're wearing an Incotex nut hugger, having a long break will make you look like a moron.

I prefer a very minimal break on my pants with an angle hem to give me the break in the back with just the curl over my shoes. I have bigger feet (13) so I want to avoid the ultra clown look.
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When the circumference of the bottom opening is smaller/narrower you want the trouser bottom to just touch the shoe or have a slight break. When the bottom circumference is larger/wider you want the trouser to have more break and fall over the shoe more. Back of the pant should be longer than the front. Front touching on the shoe, then angling down towards the heal. After the circumference, the type shoe you wear will make a difference. Thick soled shoes or higher heals will need a longer length. If you change shoe types, the length will look different with each style.
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Also, where should you wear your pants at? On your waist or what? I know dress pants are suppose to be able an inch below your belly button if I remember right.
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Waistband seam on top of your hip bones. Up or down from there to suit your preference or for the style of the cut you wear.
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