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Restaurant in DC that serves Wagyu?

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Specifically Kobe..


And I don't mean burgers.. it's no longer on Maestro's or 2941's menus, as far as I can see.
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You should clarify then. You are looking for restaurants which serve Wagyu beef in general? Or Wagyu sashimi, etc.?

Wagyu itself is rarely anything special as it usually, in the U.S., consists of a cross with regular Angus. In addition, most places do not prepare it correctly, which essentially voids the flavor enhancement which the heavy marblization provides.

If you were looking for authentic (as in imported from Kobe) Kobe beef, or Kokusan wagyu (beef from wagyu cattle actually raised in Japan) I would understand, but the absurd draw that people have to "Wagyu" or the mistakingly labeled "Kobe beef" served at hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. irks me. Just because beef is Wagyu does not mean anything. It depends how they cook it and how it was bred.

What are you looking for?
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Edited - I meant burgers, not steak.. I'm looking for steak (filets, etc..).
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Apparently, Sushi Taro has "Kobe" steak and skewers:

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Thanks England. I'm aware of the breeding/significance of Wagyu (or at least specific lines). I also realize that getting genuine Kobe beef in the US is nigh impossible, so I was looking for as close as one could get in my area. It's my fault for not being clear.. I've some how made myself appear more ignorant than I actually am, which is pretty difficult for me to achieve.
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hey kronik,

I'm only passing along hearsay, but I believe the new BLT Steak in DC claims to be serving, uh, something along the lines of which you speak. Getting mixed reviews, though. According to a local restaurant BB (nice resource for this kind of stuff, btw),

Originally Posted by BLT's menu
Japanese Kobe Strip (A5) per oz / $26
American Wagyu Ribeye 12 oz / $92
American Wagyu Top Cap 10 oz / $81
American Wagyu Skirt Steak 10 oz / $55
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