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any forumites with suits from mr ned?
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any pics of forumites with suits from mr ned?
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I wrote a description of the process with Mr. Ned and my results, somewhere on SF. You should be able to find it. No photos, though.
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I personally haven't bought a suit from Mr. Ned, but my brother owns a couple and they look wonderful. As soon as I get my cash up, I'm sure I'll be pestering Vahram with an OCD style order biggrin.gif.

On a serious note, Vahram is a great custom tailor. He helps you get what you want, but isn't afraid to interject his opinion as well. As long as you don't have paper thin skin, you'll be fine... and either way you're going to leave with a great suit.
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This is very interesting... I'm surprised he's so inexpensive. I'd love to see examples of his work. Any clients willing to post pics?
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Any recent experiences?
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Yes, brought home my first suit from V today.
Great experience. In fact , picked fabric for a second suit after the 2nd fitting cuz I just knew the first one was going to turn out great.

I had known about Mr Ned for several years after going to Carl for shirts.
But never bothered cuz I was kinda getting by with BB otr suits.
Having finished the first one with V I can never go back to BB.

Looking forward to next fall to pick out some other fabrics.
Will post a few pics when I wear it for the first time.
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I went to see him a couple weeks ago and really fell in love with his style. By style I mean that he was completely honest that he thought a fabric would look awful on me. I appreciate brutal honesty. He agreed that I have a very difficult body type and will probably take three fittings. If he comes even close to meeting my expectations we will be doing a lot more business together. They're on vacation now and I will have my next appointment the first or second week of September.
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Originally Posted by Shirtmaven View Post

great piece and excellent photos.
Vahram and I trade many customers.
we often talk about the odd requests from fellow styleforum members. some ok, some very questionable.
I do have issue with the term Made-to -measure in the title.
Mr. Ned is a custom tailor. this is not what is commonly reffered to as Made-to-measure.
Vahram does not need to make a paper pattern for each customer. Hiro, his cutter, is very consistant in chalking in the
pattern corrections. and the fitting system assures a better fit.

Mr. Ned is the best Value in custom made suits in the USA.



just saw this article and agree with Shirtmaven.


I got a great pair of trousers and jacket from him last fall and now have him making two fresco trousers and one blazer.

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Would love to see fit pics.
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