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For Sale: Zissou's Handmade Leather Key Chains & Bracelets

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Zissou's Handmade Leather Key Chains & Bracelets

Will Ship To: Anywhere

FYI- I am now only going to accept orders through my Etsy shop.

This is primarily because it is much easier to keep track of orders and ship through there, where I accept paypal and credit cards. If you have any questions about items, please send me a PM here if you wish. Thanks!

10% off for Styleforum members with 'SFTEN'


For feedback and photos, my archived thread can be read here.

All key chains are made from 4-5oz veg tanned leather, and are available in the same colors as the belts. If you have any ideas for customizing to make any of this work better for you, just let me know. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!

1. natural
2. oxblood
3. British tan
4. chocolate
5. black
Plus olive green below:

Key chain 01 - Standard $28 This key chain can hold one or two sets of keys, depending on how many D-rings you request. It comes standard with two D-rings.

Key chain 02 - Modified Standard $28 This keyhook is like the Standard, but has been modified to also hold a remote (must have a wide slot at the top) on the back. I have made this for VW, Honda, Nissan, and Opel keys/remotes so far. The key chain in the middle of this photo is my natural key chain after just a few months. That's how quickly the leather ages!

Key chain 03 - 'Biner hook $28 This keyhook has the bottom of the Modified Standard, but was designed for using with a carabiner. This keyhook can be modified to use the bottom of any keyhook.

Key chain 04 - Belt Loop $28 I made this keyhook to fit over a belt that is up to 1.75" wide. The most requested version is with a button stud.

But I can also make it with a snap or screw. swivel hook (L), snap hook (M), or D-ring (R).

Key chain 05 - Shortie $24 How can I describe this keyhook other than to say that it's short? It's perfect for someone who just wants a set of keys hanging from their belt loop without the large leather flap.

Here is a natural keychain after about a year of use. Amazing!

The key chains will fit nicely inside your back pocket.

Bracelets can be made in any of the same colors as the key chains, and with brass or nickel snaps or studs. They are all custom sized, so PM me for measuring information.

Bracelet 01 - $12 shipped Here's a standard bracelet, one inch wide, 4/5oz veg tan leather, with a snap.

Bracelet 02 - $18 shipped This single wrap bracelet is 3/4" wide, 9/10oz veg tan leather, with a brass or nickel button stud.

Bracelet 03 - $22 shipped It's 02, but 5/8" wide and in a double wrap.

Bracelet 04 - $24 shipped This is a creation I came up with using a 5/8" pea coat button and knotted waxed linen thread, with 4/5oz veg tan leather.

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i have one of zissou's key chains and it's awesome. highly recommended.
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I highly recommend as well.

I have a card case, 2 belts, and a key chain, and this just reminded me I'm ordering another card case and key chain!

Buy this man's stuff!
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I'll be out of town for work and on vacation much of the next few weeks, so I won't be available to make anything during that time. I'll post in here when I'm back. Current orders will be sent in the next few days. Thanks, everyone!
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OK, I am back in town and can take orders again. Please keep in mind that there are several people waiting to place orders, so turn around time could be up to a couple weeks for a belt and a week of everything else.
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Have the shortie and absolutely love it. Got it in natural and it's aged well.

It's perfect for the back pocket.

It's also perfect for all those D-rings Wings + Horns have been putting on their clothing items this season.
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My newly received bracelet and key chain in natural.

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I finally added photos of the single and double wrap bracelets.
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Another shot of my approximately one month old keychain and bracelet with my newly received shortie keychain with a slight modification to a mini clip rather than the d-ring.

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Just ordered a #4 key chain with button stud in natural. Can't wait!

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Amazing product. I would not hesitate to buy from him again. I will be sure to update as the natural leather ages.
Thanks again
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Hey Zissou,

Was wondering what the leather on the standard 01 is for. It's just for looks and for silencing keys? And then for the 02 the leather serves as a fob for car remote?
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For both keychains, it separates keys from the remote to reduce noise. The shortie is essentially the same as 01 but without the flap.
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would the modified standard (keychain 2) fit a BMW fob?
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Only if it has a slot at the top that is about 0.5" wide. Otherwise, key chain 01 with a small split ring would work.
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