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It's not a "tease", he is legitimately a 30-40 goal scorer, and can crack 40 in a career year. He's just on a torrid pace right now, he'll cool off, I don't think he'll be in the hunt for the art ross by any means but he looks like a solid 80-90 point guy. Which is positive. And if "pull something out of their ass" means "make the playoffs", then yeah they have an outside shot. Meanwhile, the Flames look godawful. Can't wait to see what happens against the Oil tonight. Edmonton might finally get their bragging rights back.

Letang suspended 2 games... I would've said just one, or maybe just a fine, since it did happen pretty quickly, but it's not overkill either really.

Kesler returns tonight, ahead of schedule, because he's a cyborg. Will probably need time to get up to speed though.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

is kessel legitimately coming through as a top tier player or is this another tease for "leafs nation?"
as much as i detest the leafs, burke + wilson, their fanbase of sheep, and overpriced tickets, i think they might just pull something out of their ass this year.
FLA is surprising, looks like tallon made the right moves in the offseason. Avs coming through too, though something tells me another collapse is in the making if varlamov doesnt keep it up.
also, this rules
tampa is putting motherfucking tesla coils in their arena. i hate arena theme gimmicks (blue jackets cannon? barf) but this so, so fucking awesome i cant describe it.

Kessel is a legit 35-40 goal scorer. He doesn't play much defense but if he stays healthy and has even a bit of talent around him he can score in bunches. He's the definition of streaky, though.

I still believe that the Kessel trade is one that won't look as lopsided 4-5 years down the road. Seguin will be very good, Jared Knight will most likely be a bust, and Dougie Hamilton may be good but he is certainly an unknown. I still think that at the end of the day, Boston wins the trade just because they got Seguin and a Cup out of it (how much of that was due to Seguin is debatable).
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Lundquist stood on his head tonight...and Bobbby Lou was....weak..especially on the second goal...good tribute for Ripper..
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Ugh. Oilers just gave it away at the end.
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Lundquist stood on his head tonight...and Bobbby Lou was....weak..especially on the second goal...good tribute for Ripper..
The 2nd goal? Was that the 3 on 1 without any effort on the part of anyone to get back, or the 4 on 2 below the hache marks where Burrows and Sedin blew the zone before the puck got out?

I will never fucking understand this kneejerk reaction for blaming the goalie, especially Luo who gets it worse than everyone. None of those goals was his fault, no one would be expected to stop that crap. The only one that was close was the first goal because it was a rebound, but if Hamhuis wasn't coasting back into his end Edler wouldn't have been in no-man's-land and someone might actually have - gasp - CHECKED Mike Rupp!

Luongo wasn't the problem last night, everyone ELSE was, especially Hamhuis and Edler, that pairing doesn't work. And to be fair, the Canucks dominated the entire game until that first goal, and just fell apart from frustration. Give King Henrik all the credit.
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Hodgson looked good yet again though with puck control, retrieval and playmaking.
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Yeah he set up a chance by taking a puck away on the forecheck. But he looked terrible on the fourth goal. Hopefully they give that line a few games to produce.
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Oh, man the Habs are brutal. Someone put me out of my misery!
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try watching jets - sens, its like a comedy of errors. habs seemed to have turned up the suck from last year though

edit: uh oh, karlssons in net v. lundqvist and the rangers... dont see this one ending well.
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The Northeast was supposed to be good this year but everyone looks mediocre or terrible. The "new" Sabres are doing OK but based on what I've seen from them they just look decent, nothing more. Habs suck, Ottawa sucks, Toronto has finally come back down to earth and Boston looks mediocre as well.

You know who doesn't look mediocre though? The freakin' Capitals. Jeeeeez.
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wow, 2 seconds left in OT. suck my balls mcdonagh.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post

Ugh. Oilers just gave it away at the end.

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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post


brutal, just when you think you guys are finally about to beat the wild. kick in the pants for sure.

what is with all these shitty fucking teams showing off insane displays of suck.
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At least the Canucks finally played a good 60 minutes. Nashville taking 10 penalties didn't help their chances. Anyone want to take a shot at how many games Weber gets for the hit from behind on Hansen? I say 2... slight uptick for making him bleed, slight downtick for being the best defenseman in the game (aka star player rule aka the ovechkin discount)
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just watched the highlights of washington-philly... the billion dollar goalie with his big stanley cup talk seems to think his reputation will stop pucks. he looked completely uninterested in net, zero compete level. i liked the part where he got stuck behind the net and casually glided back into position, giving someone a wide-open net to shoot at and then did nothing to position himself for a screen shot goal. just terrible. he caught some unlucky bounces but honestly bad attitude + big money never works out well. in the other end, vokoun took a huge pay hit to get a one-year contract for a contender and is playing like its his life depended on it.

if youre making 10 mil this year + 5 mil signing bonus, it must suck when you get outplayed by someone making 10% of your salary at 1.5 mil on a one-year contract. the best part is that philly could have unloaded a guy like versteeg (who ended up in fucking florida anyways!!!!) for vokoun at the deadline and made it far deeper in the playoffs than the three stooges would've allowed. derp derp derp, guess i better blow up my whole fucking team for some overrated russian goalie who wants a paycheck instead.
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