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For Sale: PRICE CUTS! ALAN FLUSSER suiting -- W Bill, Lesser, Carlo Barbera & more

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For Sale:
PRICE CUTS! ALAN FLUSSER suiting -- W Bill, Lesser, Carlo Barbera & more

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Dear Folks:

Among the highest end Alan Flusser merchandise I am selling -- the coats, suits, shirting fabric, shirts, suiting cloth, suits, outerwear, ties and accessories is a fine selection of suiting cloths from England and Italy.

Flusser gained fame as the clothier of many legal, real estate and financial figures, most famously styling Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in the first and best WALL STREET. His taste is luxurious, with a swagger that evokes the best-dressed men you would see in Esquire in the 40s.

Most cost hundreds a yard if people outside of the trade could buy them (they rarely can).

Cost to you is $50/yard for any fabric listed. ----> NOW ONLY $40/yard

In general, you will need 2.5 yards for a coat, 1.5 for a pair of trousers, and 1 for a vest (slightly more for plaids). Check with your tailor for recommended yardage for your body size.

TERMS Please send all orders and personal queries to rather than sending a message on SF.

Please wait to be invoiced. Please pay within 24 hours of being invoiced or your order may go to another buyer.

PAYMENT Paypal preferred. Cash an option for local pickups (I am in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, zip 11211 near the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza). North American customers may also pay by credit card if you get the info to me by email or by phone.

SHIPPING is free for orders to addresses within the USA. Shipping is also free for orders of less than 100 USD to Canadian addresses. A suiting length (approx 3.5 yards) will be 15 USD to Canada, 20 USD to rest of world. I will ship worldwide.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3354.jpg th_IMG_3355.jpg
AFF 1 James Clayton 4 Seasons Masterpiece, woven in England. All Wool. Blue and black. 8 oz cloth. 2.5 yards SOLD

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3358.jpg th_IMG_3359.jpg
AFF 2. Reid & Taylor, woven in Scotland. All wool. Red & blue on brown & tan plaid. 12 oz cloth. 6 yards. Color s (red and blue on brown/tan ground) most accurate in main shot. SOLD

AFF 3. Premier Cru, woven in Huddersfield, England. All wool. White stripe on black. 11 oz cloth. 2.25 yards.

AFF 4. Superfine worsted flannel, woven in England. All wool. Gray stripe on gray. 11.5 oz. 1.25 yards. Color most accurate in main shot.

AFF 5. H. Lesser woven especially for Alan Flusser. 'Super Fine Tropicals' collection. SF member PaoloM has a suit of it; PM him for pictures. All wool. Blue plaid on gray. 3.75 yards. SOLD

AFF 6. Covert cloth, green & brown. All wool. Woven in England. 12 oz. 2.5 yards.

AFF 7. Frontier. Woven in Huddersfield, England. All wool. Blue and Black. 8 oz 4 yards.SOLD

AFF 8. Super 120s Wool and Cashmere. Smith Woolens. Woven in England. Blue windowpane on charcoal.4 yards. SOLD

AFF 9. W. Bill, woven in Scotland. Orange, blue and brown check. 1.85 yards. SOLD

AFF 10. Woven in England. Chalk stripe. 120s wool and cashmere. 2.25 yards.SOLD

AFF 11. Orange and green plaid on brown. All wool. Carlo Barbera (Drapers). 8 oz cloth. SOLD

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
AFF 12. Dupioni silk, off-white. 3.5 yards. SOLD

AFF 13. Dormeuil. Mimmolimd Donegal Tweed. All wool. 2.5 yards. SOLD

th_IMG_3385.jpg th_IMG_3386.jpg
AFF 14A. Gilt edge tropical merino. Light gray windowpane on gray ground. Smith Woolens. Woven in England. 8 oz cloth. 2 yards.

AFF 14. Super 100s all wool suitings made in England. Red plaid on gray ground. 10 oz cloth. 3.14 yards.

AFF 15 Summery fabric (probably silk/wool blend) in brown plaid. 8 oz cloth 2.5 yards.

AFF 16. Worsted gray on charcoal super 100s wool and cashmere woven in England. 9.5 oz cloth. 2.14 yards.

th_IMG_3394.jpg th_IMG_3395.jpg
AFF 17. Smiths woolens. Tan on brown stripe. 10 oz cloth 4 yards.

th_IMG_3397.jpg th_IMG_3398.jpg
AFF 18. Dormeuil off white wool barathea ideal for a dinner jacket. 10.5 oz cloth 3 yards.

AFF 19. Carlo Barbera blue plaid on brown. Wool woven in Italy. 2.3/4 yards. SOLD

AFF 20. . Carlo Barbera blue plaid on brown and tan. Wool woven in Italy. 2 3/4 yards. SOLD

AFF 21. Anglia England light gray stripe on light gray. Personally designed by Alan Flusser/Mark Rykken. Wool. 4 yards.SOLD

IMG_3544.jpgth_IMG_3545.jpgAFF 22 Gray birdseye, medium weight. No selvage but probably English. 10 oz cloth. 3.375 yards

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
AFF 23 Premier Cru, woven in Huddersfield England. Blue windowpane on gray. 11.5 oz cloth 1.5 yards. Nice for trousers. SOLD

th_IMG_3549.jpg th_IMG_3550.jpg
AFF 24, Super 120s worsted and cashmere. Woven in England. Perfect for a dinner suit/tuxedo. 10 oz cloth. 3.625 yards.

AFF 25 Red plaid on blue black ground. Fintex woven in England. 1.875 yards. SOLD

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3556.jpg th_IMG_3557.jpg th_IMG_3558.jpg
AFF 26 Lanificio Loro Piana 110s extra fine. Blue and brown plaid on blue black ground. Length is enough for two sport coats & can be sold separately. 8 oz cloth 5.5 yards. SOLD

AFF 27 No selvage. Brown windowpane on gray. Lighter weight cloth. 8 oz cloth. 3.75 yards. SOLD

AFF 28. 120s worsted & cashmere. Blue Prince of Wales plaid on gray. England. 10 oz cloth 3.75 yards. SOLD

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3564.jpg] th_IMG_3565.jpg
AFF 29. Carlo Barbera Orange & mustard on heather ground. Length is enough for two sport coats & can be sold separately. 8 oz cloth. SOLD

AFF 30. Superfine faille. Woven in Italy for United SIlk & Woolens (USW). Chocolate brown. 2.25 yards. SOLD

th_IMG_3574.jpg th_IMG_3573.jpg
AFF 31. Dormeuil. True color is burnt orange/pupkin. 9 oz cloth. 1 yard (vest length).

AFF 32 Yellow striped cotton seersucker. No selvage. 5 yards.

AFF 32A. Cotton Madras plaid in classic colors. No selvage. 6.5 oz cloth 6 yards is enough for two sport coat lengths, can be sold separately.

AFF 33 Lime green striped cotton seersucker, no selvage. 7 oz cloth 2.5 yards.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3674.jpg th_IMG_3675.jpg
AFF 34 Blue windowpane in two shades on brown and black ground. Abacus. Smith Woolens. England. 10 oz cloth 4 yards. SOLD

AFF 35. Light gray summerweight worsted. Lesser. England. 1.25 yards (trouser length). SOLD

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3680.jpg th_IMG_3681.jpg th_IMG_3682.jpg
AFF 36. Gray windowpane on charcoal. Reliance. A Gladson product. 8 oz cloth. 5 yards (suiting length for this large format plaid). SOLD

AFF 37. Brown plaid on blue black ground. 120sWorsted & cashmere made in England.9.5 oz cloth 4 yards.

AFF 38 Small check worsted flannel. Carlo Barbera woven specailly for Alan Flusser. 11 oz cloth. 3.25 yards. SOLD

th_IMG_3690.jpg th_IMG_3691.jpg th_IMG_3692.jpg
AFF 39. Dormeuil Voyage England. Vivid blue on black striped worsted. 9 oz cloth. 7.25 yards, enough for two suit lengths.

AFF 40. Plaid in summerweight fabric, possibly linen-silk blend. No selvage. 8 oz cloth. 2.75 yards.

AFF 42 High contrast gray window on charcoal. Anglia of England. 10.5 oz cloth. 4 yards sold, 3.75 yards (one suit length) remaining.

AFF 43 Blue window on gray.Gilt Edge Twist. 8 oz cloth No selvage. 4 yards.

AFF 44. Red window on blue black ground. Fintex England. 11 oz cloth. 3.25 yards

AFF 45. Superfine 100s merino. England. Deep Green. 2.5 yards SOLD

AFF 46. Gray and copper striped flannel on brown ground. No selvage. 11.5 oz cloth. 5 yards. SOLD

AFF 47. Colorful silk check. No selvage. SOLD

AFF 48. Gray striped worsted lighter weight. No selvage. 10 oz cloth 3.625 yards.

AFF 49 medium gray solid worsted. Dormeuil Voyage. 1.75 yards. SOLD

th_IMG_3714-Copy.jpg th_IMG_3715.jpg
AFF 50. Striped worsted on brown ground, super 120s wool and cashmere England. 10 oz cloth. 1.25 yards (vest length)

AFF 51. Brown black worsted 120s wool & cashmere England. Sienna. 9.5 oz cloth. 2.25 yards and 1.25 yards, coat length and trouser length, together a suit length.

AFF 52 Brown black worsted 120s wool & cashmere England. Smith's Woolens\t Sienna. 9.5 oz cloth 3.5 yds

AFF 53 Blue green on tan plaid in silk. No selvage 8 oz cloth 2.75 yards SOLD

AFF 54. Blue plaid on blue black ground. Gilt Twist. 8.5 oz cloth No selvage. 3.5 yards

AFF 55. Blue windowpane on gray ground. No selvage\t3.75 yards SOLD

AFF 56 Navy blue worsted, light weight, no selvage. 1.6 yards SOLD

AFF 57. Middle gray worsted, medium weight. 11 oz cloth. No selvage 3.75 yards

AFF 58. Dormeuil, wool ans cashmere. Orange butterscotch plaid\t2.75 yards SOLD

th_IMG_3732.jpg th_IMG_3733.jpg
AFF 59 Orange blue brown plaid on heather brown ground. 12 oz cloth.t. All wool. England. 4.5 yards

th_IMG_3735.jpg th_IMG_3736.jpg
AFF 60 Light stripe on brown. Feels like linen. Dormeuil Naturals 8 oz cloth. 1.5 yards

AFF 61 Gray birdseye. Super 120s wool & cashmere.Saphire. Anglia England. 10 oz cloth 4 yards SOLD

AFF 62 Superfine 100s merino. England. Deep Green 10 oz cloth. 1.25 yards (trouser length)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
th_IMG_3743.jpg th_IMG_3744.jpg th_IMG_3745.jpg
AFF 63 Gray striped worsted Dormeuil Voyage. England. 9 oz cloth 5.25 yards SOLD

AFF 64 Gray birdseye, No selvage 10 oz cloth. 4 yards

th_IMG_3748.jpg th_IMG_3749.jpg th_IMG_3750.jpg

AFF 65Blue windowpane on gray black. Super 100s wool. England. Saphire. 10 oz cloth 4.25 yards SOLD

AFF 66 Mustard orange plaid on brown ground. No selvage. Ligher weight 8.5 oz cloth. 4 yards SOLD

Also be sure to check my other great auctions:

NWT $425 ISAIA Napoli BLUE STRIPED SHIRT 16 in 41 cm


ALAN FLUSSER shirting -- luxurious Italian cottons -- only $25/yard!

ALAN FLUSSER neck ties -- silk, wool, cotton, from England, Italy & USA

Pleas send all queries and orders to

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# 2 is great.
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Could OP update the product range? Very nice stuff
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Beautiful fabrics!
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All remaining fabrics discounted & moved to ebay.
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