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Heather seems to be the best bet IME. I bought a 3 pack of gray PRL heather v necks at TJ Maxx the other day for $15. They are quite soft and are a nice shade of heather that is a lighter than what I think of when traditional heather comes to mind.

I've also made my own deeper v necks out of crew necks with a steady hand and some scissors. I find, especially in the event of wearing BF sport shirts, the average v neck can peek out from time to time. Although they garner no style points and they can look quite rudimentary, the point of the undershirt (IMO) is to provide comfort while not being seen; and this tactic is quite effective.
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Due to frequent references to my skin tone's relativity to a martini's garnishment, I thought I'd give this color a try in a vee neck. It seemed to work just as well as the heather.

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I tried grey undershirts so they wouldn't show as much under a white shirt but I found they were just as obvious. May depend on your skin color. I went back to white. It only matters when you take off your jacket anyways.
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