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For Sale: Wooden Hangers

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Wooden Hangers

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Please read through the last edit on this first post to see what I have left.

I've switched my hangers from the wooden ones that I've picked up along the way (mainly from hotels and department stores - about 1/3 with logos) to those thin flocked hangers. As such, I'm interested in selling them, for $10 for 10 + actual shipping. I'm guessing I have around 15 sets of 10, but for now could only find ~6 sets of 10. Damn movers. I also dug up a couple of Canali sportcoats I bought from Bloomies but never wore, which will likely end up on B&S. Anyway, the first ones to respond with specified interest in the two suit hangers I found have dibs (one is plain brown, the other is bright yellow with a hint of green from the SLS Beverly Hills) - btw will limit one per order of 10 to be fair. I know I have more, unless again they were a victim of the movers. Let me know if you're interested. BTW, they will ship from 92106 (San Diego). Let me know your general wants - logos or no logos, if so, hotel or department store, and I'll do the best I can to accommodate all requests. Let me know!

BTW the people that have PM'd, you have dibs on a set, but not on the suit hangers unless I hear from you.

I'll get back to you with specific shipping quotes as soon as I can. Just using my trusty bathroom scale and a 5.5 lb, 16x15x7 box for a set of 10, here's the rule of thumb using USPS Priority: To California - $9; To Dallas - $17; to Chicago $19; to Wash DC $21. For Parcel Post, chop off ~1/3 of the Priority price. Just for kicks if someone wants more, I used a 10.5lb 16x16x16 box to Dallas. Priority is stupid (~$40), but parcel post is still reasonable ~$15.

EDIT 8/5/2011. Most of the logo'd hotel hangers are taken. Have plenty of plain ones and department store ones left.

EDIT 8/10/2011. So here's what I have left as of today:

-11 Dark (Reddish) Brown hangers with no logos. 9 have the tension bars to hold pants, 2 have pant bars with no tension mechanism.
- 5 dark brown Nordstrom hangers with tension bars.
- 1 dark brown logo hanger from a hotel
- 2 mid-brown hangers, one with a tension bar, the other with just a pant bar.
- 6 light brown, almost taupe hangers - 1 with a tension bar, 4 with just a pant bar, and one with no bar at all.
Edited by PL92106 - 8/16/11 at 11:38pm
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i'm interested, do you have any pictures?
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I'll try and get pictures up tomorrow night. Thanks for the interest. If you want to discuss further, PM me with the number you'd want and your postal code so I can get you a final quote. Cheers.
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I'm interested as well.
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stolen hangers from the hotel? lol
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Yup, not one of the things that I'm overly proud of. On another thread, I discussed how it was a "stick it to da Man" dig for making me travel so much when I was younger. However, I don't think the hotels minded as I was paying full business rate. Just to clarify: No other items from any rooms were harmed / liberated in this expression of defiance (other than this one tequila-induced time in.... nevermind) . I like that many of you are willing to give these hangers a good home. Better than wasting away in my garage.
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PMed. Dibs on the Nordstrom hangers as well as other department store/designer ones.
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Do wooden hangers really work to keep those creases out of the shoulders of sweaters? can't stand that with plastic hangers but don't really want to spend all that money on the wooden ones. where are they cheapest?
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Originally Posted by savannahphilo View Post

Do wooden hangers really work to keep those creases out of the shoulders of sweaters? can't stand that with plastic hangers but don't really want to spend all that money on the wooden ones. where are they cheapest?

These do a much better job than plastic ones. However, if you're hanging really heavy sweaters or something, you have to fold them and hang them on the pant bars. If you're looking for the best place to get them, I'm your guy - especially if you're on the western part of the US. If you're east, shipping is kind of expensive.
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Pmed. Thanks.
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