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Financial Advisor
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Fucking delivery driver. And student. Hoping to get into sales or marketing.
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Operational Assistant for an oil and gas services company. Thinking of going back to school to become an accountant. It would, unfortunately, cut my pay in half for the first few years but I think the long term potential makes it worth it.
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Used to work for a television production company, didn't like it, back in school now.
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im a Sith Lord.
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Originally Posted by sho'nuff View Post
im a Sith Lord.
Must be awesome that there only like two of you at any given time. Who is the other one?
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I sell a fashion aid called the Dimple Clip. It assists in achieving the dimple in ones necktie and, like a collar stay, ensures that your dimple will stay in place.
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Student, and during spring, summer and september+october I'm a coach at the local yachtclub, mostly teaching how to sail the optimist dinghy and windsurfing during the summer months.
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Oil sands consulting (not in the mining sector of heavy oil)
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Field Service Technician for a major retail chain. It pays the bills, but I miss my days in the financial industry...better pay, better hours, and I wasn't surrounded by inept morons. I'd still be at Citi, making piles of money to do next to nothing as a project manager if the economy hadn't hit a brick wall.
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I tame lions. Only sub-saharan Africans.
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Delivering pizzas and being a lifeguard (local pool). Still a student tho
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I'm a nursing assistant and distribution technician at my local hospital. I'm also a full time student.
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Originally Posted by Connemara View Post
I'm a political hack. I get paid (poorly) to advance the careers of others.

Me too.
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I will be a physician in the spring of 2014.
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