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Altering suit pants

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Bought suit separates from Mens Warehouse. Size 32 on the pants didn't fit on the waist so I went up to a 34. The only problem is that the pants are way too large/baggy from the waist down (this wasn't an issue on the 32s). Worst is the low hanging crotch. Is altering the pants a viable option?

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First, make sure you are wearing the pants above your hips, not below them. That should solve the low hanging crotch. Then get the pants that fit best in the seat and thighs and have a tailor alter the waist to fit.
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The waist is the easiest part to alter, so you should buy the size 32 and have the waist let out. This obviously requires that there is enough fabric in the seam allowance to let it out, which shouldn't be a problem with good brands but might be an issue with Men's Warehouse patch[1].gif

Buying the 34 then having the rest of the trouser slimmed would be possible, but much more costly, especially raising the crotch which may involve remaking the fly.
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Letting out the waist on the 32 waist wasn't an option; 34 didn't even fit comfortably. I'll have it upped to 35. Oddly enough 32s are usually paired with 38 jackets but the waist size just didn't work.


But thanks for the responses. I'll check out a local tailor and see if it's possible after they get a good look at the pants.

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