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Coffemaker Carafe: How Many Cups?

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We just discovered our the numbers on the carafe of our coffeemaker at work are deceiving, to say the least! I'll pour in the top, what the carafe says "6," the coffee perculates and finished coffee drips down into the carafe, and it typically reaches just under the "6" line. That's okay, because I can understand how a small amount is lost. But we just discovered the "6" on the carafe means actually 3 cups (8 oz.) of coffee!!!

What on earth is going on here? Why does the coffee in the carafe up to the "4" line in actuality only two cups? I don't get it at all. I looked at coffeemakers elsewhere in the office and it's the same. With those the carafes start at "4" but the lines go up at half the lenght - 6, 8, 10, 12. Explanation, please!!!
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I should add this is a standard coffeemaker - a "Mr. Coffee" - and, although the word "cups" is not actually used with the numbers, the phrase " 12 cups bottom of ring" is printed high up at the "10" level, implying it's 12 actual cups just at the ring level.
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I think this answers the mystery. Taken from "Mr. Coffee" online instructions:

1. Set the control dial to "Fill Reservoir." This setting prevents the water from entering the internal hot water reservoir and allows time for the carafe to be placed in position before starting the brew cycle.
2. Place an 8-12 cup basket style paper filter into the Removable Filter Basket.
NOTE: To avoid overflow, do not use a permanent filter.
3. Add the appropriate amount of ground coffee to the filter - refer to the "Suggested Coffee Measurement Chart" below.

Selecting and measuring ground coffee
For best results, use coffee ground for use with automatic drip coffee makers. The amounts shown below are suggested amounts – use more or less to suit your tastes.

To brew (5 oz. Cups): Use this amount of ground coffee
12 Cups: 11 Tablespoons
10 Cups: 9 Tablespoons
8 Cups: 7 Tablespoons
6 Cups: 6 Tablespoons
4 Cups: 5 Tablespoons
2 Cups: 3 Tablespoons

Note boldface. How do they - and apparently their competitors - get away with calling a cup "5 oz.?" In reality, most coffee mugs sold today are well over the officially correct 8 oz. - such as 10 or 12 oz. Just the opposite. The 5 oz. is like a dainty teacup.
Any comments?
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Starbucks and the "Super Size" culture are to blame here. Their smallest size, a Tall, is 12 ounces. The average bladder can only hold about 14 ounces. A traditional serving of coffee was more along the lines of 5 to 8 ounces. Take a look at the size of your grandmother's china. Everything was smaller Pre-WWII. Tableware has slowly grown in size since. Today, 20 ounce coffee mugs and 12 inch dinner plates are the norm. No wonder America has an obesity crisis. Modern Americans have have lost touch with what constitutes an appropriate portion.
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Yes, but those who make the coffee makers are bucking the trend - they're implying one can make more cups than one can.
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A lot of articles on coffee and health refer to when one drinks "one cup of coffee a day" or "when one drinks three cups of coffee,." etc. I assume the research results refer to an 8 oz. cup, but I wonder....
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