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Number of shirts in rotation? - Page 2

Poll Results: Number of shirts in rotation?

Poll expired: Aug 28, 2011  
  • 15% (26)
    Less than 10
  • 34% (59)
    Between 10 and 20
  • 20% (35)
    Between 20 and 30
  • 14% (24)
    Between 30 and 40
  • 14% (25)
    Bigtimer; over 40 (and wear two a day)
169 Total Votes  
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I think about 25-30 is a good solid rotation, plus throw in 10-15 seasonals or shirts that don't get worn to often and it's more than enough.
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I have appr 40.....20-25ish in my rotation.
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Some great responses here; many thanks for sharing! At first, I thought some of you were joking, but then again, this is SF.

I think I have a little over 30 myself; a little over half of those in rotation. I try to keep the number as low as possible though, by giving those away to charity that I don’t really wear anymore (e.g. don’t like the style or details anymore). Similarly, I have also given quite a few away that were MT online and came out less than stellar.

Seems like I may use this thread to consider getting some more. Mind you, although I don’t apply the OneShirt concept, all my shirts are white, blue or a combination thereof. I can’t risk jeopardizing my simple wardrobe structure.
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Around 50ish.
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At least once a year I go through and clean out anything I don't wear regardless of it's age. I took probably 25 to the Cancer League recently. After that I seem to keep about 45 in regular rotation and another 15 for special seasonal or events.

I imagine i will be ordering striped shirts this fall, especially pencil stripes.
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I used to have 30 with the summer ones..

I'm now down to around 20...
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The seasonal shirts make it about 40, I feel like I could do with a rotation of oxfords and bengal stripes and a few white dress shirts and would be fine since i rarely use seasonal summer shirts. I enjoy my seasonal winter shirts however.
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I have less than 10. And probably only 6-7 of them are in my rotation. I need to get some more.
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Approximately 16 at the moment, but gradually increasing.
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50-60. I thnk 30-40 well chosen shirts is optimal.
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Just north of 20, but a couple of those are at the tailor's getting taken in.
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About 30. plus some sport shirts.

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I don't have an exact count but in the 40-50 ballpark. A mixture of formal and casual shirts, including a couple of short-sleeved summer shirts for those warm summer days in Scotland.
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I am not sure whether or not to be pleased that Vox has not weighed in.
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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

wow. I really thought there would be some high numbers. I recently bought all new hangers for my shirts...I bought 80 hangers and have a few left ive got about 75. I guess i should slow down or thin the herd.
There is always room for more shirts. Don't you dare thin down.

Hopefully by the time you read this you will be back to your senses!

I really don't have an idea as to the number I have. That said some become favorites and I certainly wear those more often. When a shirt falls into the favorites category, I'll order more in the same cloth.
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