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Ralph Lauren Rugby Thread

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Never really gave this line much thought but after comparing it with POLO and RRL, Rugby looks to be a much better value. Take the following shirts for example:



These two work shirts are comparable to RRL. Details you have come to expect from RRL like the pencil holder, "cat-eye" buttons, and triple stitching on the rear yoke also appear in the two shirts above.


This $60 shirt is almost identical to the RRL Selvedge Oxford that retailed for $185. I was wearing the RRL version at the Rugby store and was able to compare the two firsthand. Only difference between the two is that the RRL version features MOP buttons and the fabric has a slightly distressed finish.

The red chambray and blue chambray retail for $100 but are currently selling for $40. Shipping is only an extra $5 but if you buy $125 or more its free! bounce2.gif So you get an awesome shirt for under $40 shipped. A RRL piece like this would cost you $120-150 on ebay. Or if buying from bluepresent, $200.

So, while RRL is still king atop the RL totem pole, Rugby is a much better value and deserves to be bumped up a few notches
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Linen shirts look pretty awesome. Especially the one in red and and also the green one
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I have a few items from them and I felt the quality has gone down from a few years ago. I have a University oxford from 4 years ago and it is much better than the same ones they had in store when I went last year. The newer one is much thinner and cheaper feeling. Also I think they started cutting their shirts a little more generously.

But I do agree, value wise, it is better than polo and RRL.
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I really like Rugby but find it difficult to justify their price points on almost everything. I have several dress shirts, belts, rugbys, and a jacket from them, and they are all awesome. Their aggressive slim cuts and ultra preppy look works for me -- it's got personality. But on the rare chances when I actually get to walk into a store (I've only seen three), the prices are so crazy high that I inevitably walk out without buying anything. Their sales aren't very good. I've been fortunate to score some of their clothes from various outlets here and there, but it's hard to lay down money for their stuff when you can go to Lands End Canvas, LL Bean Signature, or J. Crew and pick up something similar for half the cost. It might be a good value compared to Polo, but not really in the general scheme of things.
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I like what I see from their website, but I'd like to see some real life fit pictures (particularly of their shirts) before I make any purchases.
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I agree with Namor. Rugby is a great line and some of the shirts are similar/identical to RRL. I am not a big fan of their jeans or pants though. They make some great shirts if found on sale.

I am passionate about RRL jeans/pants and some of their next level limited edition things I cannot justify spending for. However, their shirts do not do anything for me. Recently, I have seen some Polo shirts that look like they could pass for RRL if they were labeled as such.
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another company that makes decent shirting and basics options with no xs...sigh.
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Rugby has great clothing and great prices, especially if you are a college student. All college students that can show proof of where they go to school (school ID or school email address) gets a 15% discount on everything in the store, whether it's a sale item or not.
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uniqlo does it better at cheaper prices.
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Can anyone comment on the sleeve length of their button up shirts?

I'm looking to go as small as possible, but I need the sleeves to be at least 26" long. Judging by the size chart, that would put me in the XL range. The problem is, I have a 40" chest with a 32" waist. Even if I get a shirt tailored, it would probably look odd and the shoulders would probably be way too wide.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

another company that makes decent shirting and basics options with no xs...sigh.

their polos are available in xs, and are the best damn polos i've ever had. thick sturdy collars, longer tail in the back, nice slim cut. they go on sale every year, and if you can get past the douchey skull/crossbones logo they're a great buy.

i'm 5'7, 130 lbs and xs fits me spot on.
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rugby on sale is always a good deal
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rugby on sale is always a good deal

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I recently discovered rugby online. In Australia we don't get rugby or rrl.
So much cheaper than buying in aus.
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I like Rugby but, why God, must their website be ass slow?
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