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Originally Posted by lemmywinks View Post

He looks better than maybe 30-40% of his peers. Have some faith in the younger generation.

Okay, you're right.
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Hes not a porker by any means. But I see kids that dress like him all the time at school and to be honest it looks really tryhard. when your sub 19, you can put on anything and if it fits and your not ugly, it will look good, the trouble is when they concentrate on the type of cloths and not on the actual cloths.
the thought process looks kinda like this: "i wanna dress better" without any further thought, the average person equates with "dressing up"
this is particularly evident on the few kids i see that wear too big blazers everywhere they go. Its not natural looking, and they look awkward and uncomfortable in their own cloths.

it doesnt look good, it looks tryhard.
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^^but who was CLOTHS?
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Originally Posted by coco2010 View Post

^^but who was CLOTHS?

You made me go back and visit /x/ for old times sake. Thanks
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Originally Posted by xchen View Post

If this guy were to go out in public I doubt anyone would think twice about it.

who cares? this isn't
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They don't fit well. And I'm not a fan of the orange shorts. I would say try to stick to pants, either chinos or a nice jean if you want to look nicer. I agree with tom Ford when it comes to shorts: Only on the beach or the Tennis courts.
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You got to pop that collar so people know you mean business with your clothes.... nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

You're 16 and you wanna dress like a Miami retiree? WTF. Just google Ramones and get a pair of jeans, some white keds, a couple tees and a leather jacket and wear that everyday.

Agree. Your look right now is not good, and certainly not better than average. Right not you are doing an "average" look and not doing it very well, since the pieces don't fit that great, and wearing those long untucked shirts is screwing up your proportions and not flattering your body type. I don't foresee any compliments from girls with this look. If you want to look better than most kids you'll ditch the shorts and concentrate on well-fitted plain t-shirt, canvas sneakers, and raw denim jeans (Gap makes some pretty cheap decent raw denim, right?). You'll fit in with any social group with this, and it will look good without distracting from your personality. For polos or t-shirts, make sure the sleeves stop half-way up your biceps instead of going all the way down to your elbow, and they also shouldn't extend too far past your beltline. To stand out, do some research and get a cool looking jacket and watch. If it's hot out, get a pair of cotton pants instead of shorts.
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