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Wow now you're accusing a reputable senior member of this board of lying. Good business sense, I foresee nothing but riches in your future.

Red shop called denim revival now right? Used to be called denim doctors? Re-attached the old hem higher up. Oh and I was given a hand written receipt with a tag, sound familiar? I doubt my name is in any computer. Yep been there, shitty workmanship and took two weeks for this shitty workmanship to be shitted.

Or you could just be a fuckin idiot on a computer if you don't work there.

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For all to know, we do not give receipts with tags.Anyone who has been here knows that.And yes if you have had anykind of work here you would be in our computer.I do believe you are either mistaken on where you dropped your jeans off,purposely bad mouthing, or have nothing better to do than to be a member of a peanut gallery.Senior member?lol....that's something to be proud of and 2 weeks for a hem ? never unless of recent when our chainstitch needed repair atleast since we've become Denim Revival.Again I'll let you guys continue your online activities.
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Originally Posted by revival View Post
I'm done doing this on here.

thought you left?

Ahem, how long have you been working there?

Psssst...this oughta be a good answer.
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Pssst...............since 2000. Good enough answer?
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That's really odd, because if you really worked there since 2000 you'd know (I'd hope that you know) your own store gave out dry cleaner type receipts 2-3 years ago for the shitty hem jobs "denim revival" does. I didn't give a fuck about you or your pos store but now that you were stupid enough to come on here and have your bf register and post I felt obligated to share my experience. You just fucked yourself pal.


So dude just pms me this. "If you have the balls to talk shit on my biz and to me then man up and come in with or without your jeans that we supposedly fixed and we can discuss this further.I would love to see this supposed shoddy job! We have never had someone so weak that they couldn't point out a problem to our face yet run to the computer and act big and talk shit.Don't be scared come on in I'll be here all day.I would even fix that shoddy job.My name is Sean.Here's our number."

If I was still a kid maybe I'd pay you a visit and tell you to your fuckin face.

Sorry toughie, I sold the jeans (true religions) awhile back.

PS. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.
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I have owned the business since 2000.We never gave out any alteration tags with receipt.We keep them so again yes I am calling you a liar senior member.
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revival is a liar and denim revival is a joke


june 2006>apr 07 nooblet


I know a little secret about this thread I will share with all of you later.
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anyways.....back to HTC.... finally brought my jeans over. im having them change the tapered cut into a slim straight leg from the thigh down, with the work being done on the inseam. ill let you all know how it goes. kind of regret not taking before pictures though.
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Hello! Just had a great customer forward us this thread and thought it would be a good idea to register here on styleforum and respond to our customers. We, Denim Doctors at Hollywood Trading Company, are located at 7383 Beverly Blvd on the North-East corner of Beverly Blvd and Martel Ave, which is pretty much right between La Brea and Fairfax. We are open Monday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. You can call us at (323)964.0080 or email us at One of our owners, Zip Stevenson, was one of the original owners of Denim Doctors. He also started Hollywood Trading Company International, which has a full clothing line that includes a wide assortment of belts, denim, and other items. In 2006 Denim Doctors merged with Hollywood Trading Company. All repairs and alterations are done by our highly experienced and expert tailor at the Hollywood Trading Company Wholesale warehouse in Los Angeles, just down the road from the store. Our tailor has been with the company for many years and specializes in reviatlizing special, unique, and rare denim, like super vintage Levi's. He is a pro at recreating details only available on jeans of the distant past. He also is excellent at doing all alterations. We trust him with all of our own denim Our store offers regular hems ($12), chainstitch hems ($16), and original hems ($24), or even original hems with chainstitch ($28). We can straighten a leg, taper a leg, expand or flare a leg, all from the thigh, knee, or ankle down. We also can raise, lower, take in, or let out a waist. Basically, any alteration you need done to your denim we can do. Also, any holes, rips, or just about anything can be repaired in multiple different fasions, like invisible, a patch under, patch over, granny stitch, hand stitch, anything and everything. Pricing varies depending on what you want done but we guarentee our prices are in line or cheaper than comparable custom denim tailors. Our turn around time is very very consistant. If you bring in your jeans on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday they will be done by the next Friday. If you bring them in Monday or Tuesday they will be done by the next Monday. If you bring them in Wednesday or Thursday they will be done by the next Wednesday. These time frames are exactly the same whether it is a hem or a repair or an alteration... everything is done within approx a week or less time table. As far as customer satisfaction, that is of very high concern. As all of you know, clothing, especially denim, is a very personal and unique experience. You want the best work done because it isn't just a pair of jeans, it is literally a part of you and your life. I understand completely. Most customers are completely satisfied. However, if something does not meet your expectation we will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Usually dissatisfaction results from just a communication error. We try to take all the steps necessary to ensure you are getting what you want by asking all the questions we think we need answers to... but if there is something that you are most concerned about or a problem you envision from the outset please let us know so we can know where you are coming from and accomodate your need. Ultimately, there is no reason a customer shouldn't get what they want in then end. But I urge you to ask all the questions you have (no matter how many) and make all the requests you think you may need so that we can provide exactly what you expect to receive. Denim repairs, customizations, and alterations are totally subjective (what fun would objective standards be?), so working together is the only way to achieve success! If you haven't tried out Denim Doctors at our new(er) location on Beverly Blvd and Martel Ave inside Hollywood Trading Company, please stop by and give us a try... we aim to please! Also, we carry GREAT denim brands. The store features primarily new denim (Japanese selvage and all) but we can source you just about anything you want in the vintage realm, as we have a stocked warehouse of stuff (the same place that our tailor works out of down the street). So it is easy to do personal vintage pulls, just tell us what you seek!!! Thanks for your time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Now you can pm us here on styleforum (our account was set up only moments ago) or your can email us or call the store. Most likely you will talk with either Ambie or Beth, but for the next 2 weeks you might get Carl. Our staff is here to help. DD at HTC
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Thanks for your post HTC. I have been and shopped at HTC and bought 4 pairs of jeans and a Rag and Bone jacket from your store. I'm very happy with my purchase and found your staff very friendly and helpful. I believe it was Ambie and a gent named Mike ( Michael ) who helped me. I do have jeans that needs to be hemmed and an old pair of beloved LVC 501 that need alterning. Thanks again!
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i can't say enough about the service at htc. i've had at least 10 pairs of jeans chainstitch hemmed and the work was done perfect everytime. beth is one of the nicest people you'll meet and the store itself is awesome. i will never go anywhere else.
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Originally Posted by revival View Post
Just to set the record straight, I am from Denim Revival and we have the original tailors. I split with the owner of HTC and he kept the name. He has set up shop in his store on Beverly. We do everything onsite unlike HTC where they take your clothes offsite to be worked on. Our turn around time for hems is (depending on how busy we are) is usually 2 to 3 days. Major alterations is usually 6 to 10 days. Repairs anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks depending again how busy and how large the repairs are.I understand some of these posts are from people on HTC's payroll but to those that aren't it seems weird that if you "asked" for a chainstitch or the extra fabric and didn't receive that when picking up that you didn't say something so it could be fixed on the spot? I know I would. So I think this might be an attempt to badmouth on HTC's behalf? If I order a beer and the waiter brings me a sprite I am going to say something, not run to a website and talk trash.Sorry to sound harsh but let's be fair to all parties. By the way if you have taken hems to other places and are unhappy we do redos other tailors all the time.
wow buddy. i am NOT on htc payroll. for the record, i do like their store more than yours as i picked up a raf simons shirt for 30 bucks that came with great service and great attitude all around. i do not know where you come off sounding like a complete asswad. go check on superfuture, ive been posting since last year and believe it or not (sorry the world doesnt revolve around your little store) i did not create a screen name just to bash you. yea you know what? it took two weeks to do the chain stich hem you promised to do in 2-3 days. i called in the 4th day to ask whats up, the guy told me that 1 week (with a bit of attitude might i add). i called 1 week the guy told me to wait even more. i was going to post pictures on the good job you guys did but the terrible service you guys had and the bad attitude you have now completely overshadows it. i did get my extra fabric as i asked but seriously the owner of the store really needs to hire more mature staff that are above starting trivial fights on internet forums. if you are the owner of the store, well then GOOD LUCK. on to reading the rest of the thread..
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Originally Posted by revival View Post
First of all could you please tell us what a Franken hem is??? We have been doing hems for 8 years and have never heard the term. So either that is how you describe the type of hem or you are lying about having a hem done here which makes your alliance with some of the other posters a scam. If you have had a hem or other alteration done at our store your name would be in our computer and we could figure this out in 2 seconds... Karma...
Originally Posted by revival View Post
For all to know, we do not give receipts with tags.Anyone who has been here knows that.And yes if you have had anykind of work here you would be in our computer.I do believe you are either mistaken on where you dropped your jeans off,purposely bad mouthing, or have nothing better to do than to be a member of a peanut gallery.Senior member?lol....that's something to be proud of and 2 weeks for a hem ? never unless of recent when our chainstitch needed repair atleast since we've become Denim Revival.Again I'll let you guys continue your online activities.
I really cant believe what my eyes are seeing right now. I am having a hard time believing that this is an actual representative from the denim revival store (their unprofessional manner in person and on the phone though should have provided a hint). This pretty much stained your store as people googling it from now on for reviews will probably read the trash your arrogance and the way you guys insult your customers. Have fun tailoring chip and pepper jeans for the rest of your sad career as a store. And Jet is right, you don't type jack shit in that computer and still write on your receipts (I know was there about 2 weeks ago, look that up, bitch). The only thing you guys do on your mac (ring a bell?) is browse ebay and troll forums. In fact, I was glad just to get my jeans back in the first place seeing how disorganized and a cluster fuck your system was. Good luck and I wish your store the best (not really). edit: nope. just kidding, my chain stitch hem unraveled today. time to go to htc to fix denim doctor's mess.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
I too actually had very shoddy workmanship done by what is now known as denim revival. I had the franken hem done awhile back and the edges kept curling up it looked retarded. They even used the wrong color thread when they assured me over and over it would look "original".
Greetings, My name is Zip Stevenson I own (and started the original Denim Doctors in 1994 @ 7952 West 3rd street before moving to 8044 West 3rd street and eventually to where I am now on Beverly and Martel). Like many you, I am a Denimhead with lot of crazy expensive jeans and I wanted the jeans repaired, altered and re- hemmed to look as original as possible. I even had custom dyed yellow thread made to the standard not seen since the late 60's. I split with my ex-partner because he and I wanted a fresh start. It was working out because of many reasons (much of which publicly known). I am sorry if you have been mislead about our outsourcing of our any of our alterations and repairs. In fact, we "insource all of it" the alteration and repair expert, Mr. Margarito Miranda that currently does the work is the same as I started with from day one. I would be happy to give anyone that would like, a tour of our facility any time and introduce you to him. He's a really great guy who has been working as a master tailor for his whole life. I wanted to honor the loyalty of my customers by moving to a new area and away from any old energy of the former location. I am committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to win you all back because I care about you all as customers. Just let me know how to make it right with you and consider it done. Thank you for considering my request. Respectfully, Zip Stevenson Owner, Founder The Denim Doctors "Since 1994"
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