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Monitaly Spring Summer 2012--The Fresh Prints


ties etc copy.jpg




Words and photos by Jon Moy



Monitaly, Yuki Matsuda’s clothing company, has had a strong showing every season at Capsule. This spring/summer season, the sister company to Yuketen is really coming into its own. Ryan and Mino from Meg Company explained that the goal for this collection was to be more directional, to create a look that was distinctly Monitaly. They've succeeded. There is no doubt that Monitaly’s look is unique. The patterns are wholly original (some may say loud) but the clothing always remains grounded in traditional, very wearable foundations.


monitaly jacket.jpg

Jacket: Monitaly. Chest hair: model's own.


Mr. Matsuda’s influences are clear. From the buttons on the jackets to the near obsessive attention to detail and fabrication, there is more than a hint of the military in the clothing. The signature mismatched metal buttons are back and the fabrics are perfect lightweight cottons. Combined with fit and construction that have a slight Italian accent, Monitaly can sail between full on repro-wear and full on Italian millionaire trap wear. Speaking to the Italian influence, the jackets all have great natural shoulders. These jackets are perfect for the kind of heat New York was experiencing during market week. I heard if you’re going to be in a flop sweat from near 100 degree heat, you might as well have a nice jacket on. And prints like these will help distract girls from the near biblical amount of perspiration collecting on your forehead.




The prints may be a bit much on the jackets, but work really well on the short sleeve shirting and neckwear. Every print is exclusive to Monitaly and would work well underneath that unconstructed blue jacket everyone is supposed to buy this season. They also work great on their own, especially if you’re channeling some Dad-on-vacation steez.



This may qualify as dazzle camo. There's a shirt in there somewhere.


The shorts and trousers from the collection are similar to previous seasons, although the leg is a bit slimmer. Made from the same duck cottons and waxed cotton as the parkas, the shorts and trou offerings are rugged enough for a fishing expedition off the coast of Maine. Or for when you spill your coffee all over yourself when you hit that speed bump a little too fast.





The outerwear at Monitaly always stands out. The classic parka is shortened for the Spring/Summer season hitting just at the waistline and is made of waxed cotton. In the right light they look almost ethereal, although they are not sheer by any means. “Pull the dot” snaps ensure that your pockets won’t open on accident; they lock on three sides and can withstand extreme pressure without unlocking. Only if you pull on the fourth side do they snap open with ease. Another small detail Mr. Matsuda pulled from his military inspiration.

monitaly yellow slicker.jpg

That's "light" waxed cotton.


All in all, Monitaly’s Spring/Summer offerings present a very distinct, very Meg Company take on everything from suiting to t-shirts. Taken all together it can be seen as a tad much. But considering the price points and limited stockists, it’s much more likely that Monitaly is the place to get that one signature piece. Because who said peacocking had to be left to those Italian heirs?  




You can shop for Monitaly at Barneys, Opening Ceremony, Norse Store, and other retailers.



901 Hermosa Ave

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254



Jon Moy is a Styleforum contributor. You can read more of his stuff at gettingbeatlikeyoustolesomething.

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I need that backgammon board jacket
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Diggin' some of the bow ties.
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Hmm, I need to see more, but my first impression is that they went a bit off the deep end with some of the patterns. It's hard to tell where they are coming from with this collection. It almost looks like Americana casual wear meets East Africa.

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It's that new Cooji x Monitaly

Americana jumps the shark with the release of this jacket.
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Hmm, I need to see more, but my first impression is that they went a bit off the deep end with some of the patterns.

+1, couldn't agree more.....
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africana is the new americana.
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Next spring's McNairy Woolrich collection is Hemingway-in-Africa-ana.


As far as Americana jumping the shark, I'd say that happened a year ago at least. Doesn't mean there's not still a lot to like from brands like Monitaly.

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Originally Posted by slack tide View Post

It's that new Cooji x Monitaly[/B]

Americana jumps the shark with the release of this jacket.

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Is the last red one a Hawaiian shirt?

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I saw this collection as well, it has some ridiculous patterns, but it also has a ton of stuff that made Monitaly what it is to begin with. Great design with basic colors and patterns. They've also got a t-shirt line in there with basic colors and contrasting pockets in many of the patterns seen, much like the Tantum shirts sold at Union & End.

Overall I liked the offering. The Japanese Monitaly rep was wearing one of those crazy suits, and, in the context of the show, pulled it off. I don't know that many people could. However, those suits are probably the wildest thing and the entire collection just isn't like that.

I don't think this is Monitaly or "Americana" jumping the shark. They play to a wide overseas market and are maintaining their integrity while also offering some wild inspired shit. I wouldn't wear those suits - I'd look like a clown - but someone can pull it off, and they probably live in Japan.
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Anybody tried on their SS herringbone pant? If so how is fit / quality?
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Hi Everybody,


Shrine is offering 30% of MONITALY ties and bowties. The ties retail at $100.00 USD and the bowties at $75.00 USD. If you are interested please contact us via personal message, email us at, or give us a call at 312.675.2105. 







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