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First look at great deals

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One of my favorite ebay sellers is Lance Hughes. He buys-end of-season clearance merchandise from several high-end stores including Stanley Korshak in Dallas and Scott Hill in Los Angeles and puts it on ebay. It starts at about 70% off retail. Most of the premium items go at that price. He slowly cuts the prices down on the remaining items. Everything I've recieved from him has been brand new, original tags attached, no sale cuts or marks, and no flaws. I've been a good customer so he emails me with a list of everything he has even before he puts it on ebay. I'm posting the email below. If you want anything just email Lance and he'll sell it to you. There is a lot of great stuff here - Kiton, Borrelli, Belvest, even some Mantellassi and Lattanzi shoes. (Unfortunately none in my size.) Oh, and if you are brave enough, show it to your wife or girlfriend. There is a nice selection of womens items too. If you buy from Lance let him know that Andrew Harris sent you: "Howdy Once Again- It's been a long 6 months, but I have finally received some of my new clothing shipments (from 4 sources instead of just 1.). I have fully inventoried the nearly 1,450 items, valued at $1,005,000 and included them in the spreadsheet (you know the drill). Since I was able to receive merchandise from several other stores, I was able to break into the "mid range price point" of Corneliani, Boss, Zanella, Uomo and others, but I've also still got the usual array of Incotex, Kiton, Isaia, Belvest, Lattanzi and many others for you "high-end" shoppers. Also, for you ladies, I received 225 individual pieces of women's clothing and 122 pairs of shoes and boots. When you load the spreadsheet (instructions below), it will have tabs (titled "New Inventory" and "Old Inventory"). I have approximately 40 items from the previous load that I'm sick of seeing. I've priced every single piece from 15-65% LESS than I paid for it (not less than retail). It pains me to take these kinds of losses, but it's time to move on. My loss can be your gain. The items that do not sell from the old lot will just be placed in "my store" for a flat fee. If you see anything you like, just email me the item you want (column A) at the listed price in column I, and if it's not already sold, it's yours. (One note when you indicate your item number you want "Jkt-22, Sshrt-11 etc" please indicate if it's coming from the New Inventory or the Old Inventory). This is a totally new spreadsheet so if you'd loaded the old one, download this new one. The new inventory is located at: Inventory I have also included an "image" column. These are the links to the new images for your viewing. Please enter: http://coupons.kcbd.com/lance/neweri...es0303/XXX.jpg where the XXX is the number located in column B. (This usually consists of multiple numbers. For example Dshrt-1 actually is 2 images, 339 and 340). (Note from Andrew - Open a separate internet explorer or netscape navigator window and copy the address above into it. Them when you see an item on the list that you want to look at enter the item number(s) where the "XXX" is.) The images for the previous load can be viewed at: http://coupons.kcbd.com/lance/newimages/XXX.jpg The shipping prices are listed below for U.S. residents only: Ties/Belts: $5.20 add $1 for each additional like item Dress shirts/sport shirts/knits/vests/shorts:$6.20, add $1.50 for each additional like item Pants/Sweaters:$7.20, add $1.50 for each additional pant Sweaters: $8.20 plus $1.50 for each additional sweater. Women's Shoes (not boots):$8.50, add $2 for each additional pair Jackets:$10, add $2 for each additional jacket Suits:$11, add $3 for each additional suit Shoes/Sport Shoes/Boots (Men's and Women's)/Sandals:$11, add $3 for each additional pair Trench Coat: $12.50, add $4 for each additional trench If you prefer FedEx shipping, it is available, simply add $4 to the above prices. If you are an International customer, please email me with your order and I will get you a price quote. Once again, thank you for your business and repeat business. Lance Hughes Discount Designer Deals" You can contact Lance at: discostu004@yahoo.com. Have fun. Andrew
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Andrew: Do you have to have Excell to read that? Or is there a non-spreadsheet version available? I don't have Excell and can't figure out how to download it.
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This guy is great - I've purchased from him before (Incotex I think) and the transaction went well.
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Stu: You can download an Excel viewer from Microsoft that's free here Great selection - shame he only ships inside USA... B
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Thanks. Will do.
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Well I just went to the address provided and it displayed on my Internet Explorer screen. But I may already have the viewer that BjornH mentioned. What happens when you try to look at the page? BjornH - he does ship internationally so you are free to buy. You will have to email him for a shipping quote though.
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Andrew: I got it sorted out fine. Thanks. He's got a nice pair of Lattanzi monk straps in my size 9.5, that have me drooling. What do you know of that brand? I only wonder if they are a bit too fashion forward, as they have a more pointed toe, instead of a more rounded toe. I want a pair of monk straps that will anchor my wardrobe and stay in style for years to come. I was considering buying some C&J monkstraps in the hand-grade collection, which cost about the same, from Fox's Malaysian connection, as they seem more conservative. Do you have any thoughts on one vs. the other?
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Silvano Lattanzi are handmade Italian shoes and in this case handmade means really handmade, like the shoes from a traditional cobbler. They are beautifully made, very expensive and they are designed to look expensive. They are very, very flash shoes. The word "Understatement" is not in the vocabulary of Signor Lattanzi. (The exception is the "Inglesi" line, i.e. shoes in the English style.) I'm unable to get access to the images corresponding to Lance Hughes list. If you go onto this site http://www.zintala.it/ you can download the entire Lattanzi catalogue. The only monk strap I could find is model 4111 on Last 196. I have got model 4114 on the same last (cap toe blucher) and they have a very pointed chisel toe. Even  for a shoe addict like me, I don't wear them  very often as they draw attention to themselves. (I got them very cheap on German eBay, so if I only wear them only once a month, it doesn't matter.) They are drop-dead gorgeous, but with the emphasis on "drop-dead". If you have already have two or three Dozen pairs of shoes, by all means get them; otherwise you will be better off with the Crockett & Jones.
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They are a bit less conservative than the Mortimer - but almost identical to the Crockett & Jones Hangrade "Savile" model below: My personal opinion is that you should snap them up. I think they are quite wearable - also you can always buy the Mortimer but will likely never again get the chance to buy the Lattanzi. Check out the beveled waist.. Signor Lattanzi is VERY creative. No other shoemaker (at least that I'm aware of) has such a range of styles. (All the models I've seen here in the US aren't in the catalogue - and the stores get new ones evey year.) Some I wouldn't wear in a million years. A few border on ugly (in a very expensive looking way.) And as Bengal Stripe said some are quite flashy. But some are absolutely exquisite - and in a subtle way. I have a habit of speaking of a designer or shoemaker or tailor in terms of their best items. I tend to forget rather quickly the unwearable stuff. Bengal Stripe - I've been kicking myself for not buying those Lattanzi's you got. I saw them, and noted that the seller thought they were Lattanzis, but passed on them. My eyes bugged out when I saw them in the catalogue later. I'm glad they went to a good home.
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Here is a great article on Lattanzi: Art & Sole - Departures Magazine
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This is great. Thank you. I have just put in a request for shoes, a suit, and a new jacket.
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I was considering buying some C&J monkstraps in the hand-grade collection, which cost about the same, from Fox's Malaysian connection, as they seem more conservative.
Just in case you haven't noticed: plal.com have raised their prices. My experience is that they no longer are significantly cheaper than other internet based C&J traders, but this will of course depend on your currency and whether you live outside the EC. Marcus
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I don't know Marcus, I find the prices there still quite reasonable. The Whitehall, in the handgrade collection, still only runs about $300 US with about $30 shipping to my home in Puerto Rico. The Mortimer, also from the hand-grade, runs about $330 or so. That's more than $100 off what it runs in the CJ catalogue I got the other day.
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A note - With Lance it's first come first serve and he doesn't have software that updates teh list every time something sells. So you may find that some of the items on the list have sold by now. If you really want something the sooner you contact him the better.
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I don't know Marcus, I find the prices there still quite reasonable. The Whitehall, in the handgrade collection, still only runs about $300 US with about $30 shipping to my home in Puerto Rico. The Mortimer, also from the hand-grade, runs about $330 or so. That's more than $100 off what it runs in the CJ catalogue I got the other day.
They are reasonable, by all means. However, for me a pair of non-handgrades comes out at the same price at www.northamptonshoes.co.uk. A pair of handgrades comes out about $35 more at the latter website, but they include shoe polish and a pair of shoe trees. But as I said, this depends on several factors (exchange rates, shipping rates, VAT, etc.). Marcus
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