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Best time to go shopping for winter deals?

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I am dying to do a day trip to the DC boutiques or Tyson's Corner, but I want to go when I have a good chance of finding winter items (coats, sweaters) on sale. Based on you all's experience, what time frame should I be looking at? I thought about calling the Neimans's or Saks and asking but thought they'd just laugh at me. Note: I am looking to grab a RLPL or similiar wool coat and cashmere items on my trip, maybe some shoes).
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Why would they laugh at you? Have you looked at Saks or Neiman's financials? They do a good deal of their business during promotional events (most notably seasonal sales) and given the current economic climate, I don't think they are laughing at anyone who wants to spend thier money buying RL Purple Label. That being said, Neiman's, Saks, Barney's - in fact all the big specialty stores, generally start their sales towards the end or November. Last year, they started in the second week because sales were so bad - it may happend again this year. The people on the sales floor may not be privy to this information though.
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I suppose I could call and keep asking then, right? You're right LA, I don't think anyone would turn away ANY business with the way things are going... and if they did, I wouldn't want to shop there. Thanks. I'll start calling in a week or 2.
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If you haven't already, sometimes if you setup an account with a certain store, they'll alert you to promos ahead of time through the mail. Slight pain in the ass (fill out an application, ID, credit check, etc.) but if you buy at full price, you can usually get a small discount off your first purchase, and have some more info to boot.
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The Neiman's here in SF started with an invitation only evening event the 1st week of Nov. last year. I've moved so I get all their notices late now. Just as well....
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A local specialty store is going out of business here in SF, and I had some business across the bridge, so I got a chance to do a little shopping Friday night. Everybody here in the Bay Area is already marking things down quite a bit. What is everyone else experiencing?
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lots of early sales here as well in VA... NM's First Call has started as well. It is a buyer's market right now... I have a feeling we will be seeing a LOT of great sales in the coming months. Works out great for me, it will be the first year in quite a few that I actually have the money to take advantage.
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I just recieved an invitation for a private sale at the S.F. Saks Men's Store for various items. They included shoes, sweaters, and the winter whatnots. The discount was from 20 to 35% off. Quite a good deal, actually.
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be sure to keep an eye on i noticed they list the store sale AND online site sale dates.
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Hey LK: Stopped by Saks on Friday nite. They had some tempting dress shirts in my size. Would've bought a couple, but I just don't wear them that much anymore. The Tailored Man is the store going out of business. Sad, actually. Much of the tailored inventory had already been picked through, but they had a lot of ties and some nice Eton shirts, one in particular I liked, but again I don't need. Neiman's also has furnishings on sale and a couple of items I'm going to keep my eye on for the Last Call portion. I didn't get a chance to check Wilkes, Billyblue, David Stephen, or Courtoue. Polo is also having a sale but I didn't get by there either. Only had an hour. Got a nice black leather jacket at Tailored Man, though. Have been looking for a while.
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We have had quite a large number of drastic markdown sells here in Charlotte. It is most likely because of the low-yield fiscal season the profit analysts seem to be predicting these days. Not to say they are wrong; America, in particular, is not spending as much of its disposable income in general as seen in previous years. In my opinion, we will not do so at the extent that we did in the mid to late 80's (the decade of excess), which seems to be most analyst's comparison point, in the near future. That being said, everyone I know, myself included, is taking full advantage of the falling economy and subsequent sale barrage being thrust on to the public. For example: I just bought a Baume & Mercier Hampton Chrono (that is the exact watch and also shows you the price difference between this local jeweler and at one of the finer jewelers of Charlotte, Dainck Brothers, for about $900. The market is really pushing retailers and even specialty shops to be competitive, to avoid having that low-yield fiscal season mentioned before.
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jo- nice watch, I always liked that one. Of course now Ashford is having a 15% off sale after you bought yours. Still would have been around the same I guess.
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Yes, about the same. Oh, and the price I mentioned was after tax... As I was telling Steve earlier today, I still want to hit a few places in Charlotte like Paul Simon, Taylor Richards & Conger, and J. Franklin Limited, and see the sort of sales they are offering. I just bought a new suit from J.A. Banks this weekend so getting another is out of the question for me financially (sadly, seeing as dress wear is my favorite type of clothing I sport). Sometimes I very much dislike being eighteen and having limited income but, thankfully, I still need a new pair of chino's...
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I've started to get some invitations to some private sales at some stores here in New York. I received invitation post cards to Barneys and Calvin Klein.
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what do you have to do to get invited to the private sales I wonder? I'd certainly go up to the DC and surrounding area stores if they made it worth my while.
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