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Anthony Bourdain in Naples

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If anyone still likes to watch Bourdain, he goes to Naples in his last episode. Not one of the best, but it was enjoyable. His does, of course, a bit on pizza, seafood on the Amalfi coast and Sunday dinner with a typical Neapolitan family. There is kind of a crazy chef who makes really quick, fresh dishes that look great. And some other side bit where he crashes a wedding. Awkward.


on pizza:

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I watched the showed and enjoyed
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I thought it was a terrible episode. He spent all of five minutes in the city--the only restaurant he tried was a pizzeria. Very disappointing, as if he took the standard tourist approach toward Naples: get in, eat some pizza, get the hell out. He spoke to very few locals in the city and provided no interesting or amusing insights. Unlike many of his better episodes, he provides nothing more than what you can quickly gather from skimming through a Wikipedia article. Worst of all, he caps the episode with a ten-minute visit to a downtown Manhattan restaurant where he talks to two chefs who demonstrate no knowledge of Neapolitan food.

"No Reservations: Amalfi Coast" would have been a more suitble title.
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Totally agree, mafoo. This season he was supposedly going to cover more difficult topics and dig deeper. The Haiti episode, for instance. This was just boring and as you said he kinda just ditched the city for the touristy parts of the coast. I was looking forward to it, since he usually has some interesting insights. I did enjoy just seeing some of the city though but overall... a let down.

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I thought it was a good episode too but I thought that one chef that only cooked anchovies was a really rediculous. No, I don't some common American hate towards anchovies. I think they're great, but man the whole meal was anchovy appetizer, anchovy pasta, anchovy with eggplant ...
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I love wood fired pizza. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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